We have succeeded in getting Himalaya Exchange online. The western world is collecting different strains of viruses and obtaining forensic evidences. American think tank meeting will focus on the impact of the collapse of the China’s economy.

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

In just three days, Himalaya Exchange registration

number has reached to more than nine thousands

The investment institution

and the legal department are very proud of it

We have succeeded in getting Himalaya Exchange online

The biggest news since yesterday is

that the CCP is uniting the countries, most of which

have the population of less than five million people

That union claims the coronavirus is sent by America

What a ridiculous thing the CCP has done!

Last night I had chat with a senior sociologist who has been a member of the CCPand now has arrived abroad

He said that the west world were

collating all kinds of evidence on the quiet,

including collecting different strains of the virus around the world

and obtaining forensic evidences

He said this action was the opposite of what CCP had done

The CCP is solving the problem of the origin of

the virus by diplomacy and propaganda

But the West deals with it by science, empirical evidence,

and validation in the laboratory

They follow the expert opinions

to figuring out the truth about the origin of virus

You can see the bad situation of the real estate in China

There will be a think tank meeting in the U.S. next Tuesday,

which will focus on the impact on the world

of the coming collapse of the China’s economy

I will possibly attend the meeting through the video

Everyone needs to think about how fragile world economy is

If something happens on the Suez Canal

and the Strait of Malacca, the oil price will rise

And it will increase inflation

and intensify the adjustment of the world economy

Bitcoin will eventually be destroyed

But other cryptocurrencies will succeed

Finally, the U.S. will have no choice but to

develop cryptocurrency of its own

Himalaya Coin, Himalaya Dollar, and Himalaya Reserve

are the greatest design for its legal compliance,

advanced technology, and connection to gold.

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Dictation: 作而無作

Translation: 風之傷

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Video production: 農夫

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