[Words From Miles] | Posters serial (79)

Do not count on gains and losses, do not resent, do not create hatred, do not sow discord, do not stir up enmity, do not use hate as your bravery, do not depend on others for your hopes and ideals, do not use money to achieve your ideals, do not make any excuses for what you did not do, and do not make any excuses for your mistakes.

— Miles Guo August 18, 2019

Protecting the image of the Chinese overseas and separating the Chinese from the CCP is one of the most important things we can do as the Whistleblower Movement now.

— Miles Guo March 18, 2020

Destroy the CCP without pursuing power, fame or profit.

— Miles Guo March 16, 2020

You have only one way – survive and wait for the good world to come, and you will be the world’s biggest winner.

— Miles Guo March 16, 2020

Cherish what you have today, then pursue what you want tomorrow.

— Miles Guo December 7, 2019

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