【Lude】What this Means when Dr. Sellin Tweets Again to Warn CCP Military Officers?

Video Extraction: Himalaya Taiwan – Wende
Chinese Subtitles: Himalaya LA (USA) – Yushangxiqiaoke
Translator:Himalaya LA (USA) –JS709
Proofread:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yashiangdierxiwang


Those people can’t be put together with Hitler’s Angel of Death randomly. There must be adequate evidence before you do it. That’s to tell you, so-called scientists working for the CCP. You will not be able to escape wherever you go. You are already on the list, which is terrible. Now the CCP media has begun criticizing Dr. Tedros thoroughly. NetEase says that behind Tedros’s changed mind was another black hand in Biden’s anti-China campaign. It is about Tedros’ remarks on the latest WHO report that says a laboratory leak is extremely unlike and insufficiently assessed, prepare to send experts on related fields to China.

Tedros understands very well that he can’t endorse the CCP anymore. Otherwise, he will end as Josef Mengele, absolutely, everyone knows that. The article on NetEase says that Tedros should be unreasonable to do this kind of thing that provokes the CCP and slaps himself in the face and the CCP treated him very well. He couldn’t become WHO Director-General without the CCP. It also says that Tedros has a deep relationship with the CCP. Objectively speaking, it is inseparable from CCP’s strong support for him to be the head of WHO.

You see, since the outbreak of the pandemic, Tedros’ performance has been quite objective and fair. Upholding the so-called professional principle and opposing the unwarranted questioning and slandering of China by the Western. How could such a person suddenly overthrow their own conclusions and question CCP without sufficient evidence?Yes, definitely, he will not act without evidence. He must have. An Hong, your question is great!

Right? So, Tedros must be provided with various military intelligence by the US. He sees it clearly, doesn’t he? The next step is just to go through the necessary process. Now that WHO does not belong to the CCP any longer. We are going to start criticizing it. WHO has become the vanguard of the US. Tedros’ words mean that WHO is no longer under the control of the CCP. Everyone should start biting WHO. That’s all.

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