The CCP Never Stop the Brainwashing

【Author】Candy Translated by Mas

The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) government has always stressed that “education should start with children“, and just as they are always asking all departments from the top down to “not just pay lip service”, they are indeed putting it into action, as this short film is a living example.

Of course, this kind of scenario is so common in the Communist Party that it is not new. The film shows a small video clip of children in their first year of high school at Longcheng Middle School in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in 2021 (the equivalent of 10th grade in the US) on a “Red Journey to Jinggang Mountain”. The children sing a red song praising CCP’s heroic people who want to destroy all invaders; they are dressed like grey rats in the clothes and hats of CCP’s bandits; they are dancing with red flags of all sizes, like a sea of blood; and they are using a backdrop that looks like the US Presidential Hill, on which are the heads of the long-dead Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping, who is alive but afraid to be seen in front of people. 

The songs the children sing are a form of brainwashing by CCP. The children may not fully understand it now, but over time they will develop a mindset that will reflexively guide their actions when things come up. For example, when they talk about the Japanese, they think of words like “little Japanese”, “thug”, “rapist” and other words that are fixed in their minds; when they meet Americans, they think of words like “tall American soldier”, “big nose” and “red hair”. The people and the invaders in the lyrics are all targeted by the CCP: because the people are bound by words and actions by the CCP, as they say, to be closely united with the Party, which means: to be selflessly dedicated to the Party in life, and to be a good son or daughter of the Party in death. The so-called “defeat of all invaders” is undoubtedly directed at the developed Western democracies, or more explicitly, the “American imperialists”.

Are there any of the so-called bigwigs in the CCP who do not have family members abroad? We don’t need to specify their children or illegitimate children, or even their mistresses, do we? They bark like war wolves and dogs of war in front of the camera every day, cursing Western democracies. I would like to ask them: If you despise, dislike and hate these Western civilised countries so much, why do you still spare no effort to send all your relatives to these countries? Where is your impetuous ambition as the descendants of a 5,000-year long civilisation? “It should not be just words”, but actually put into action. This form of brainwashing is only one of many. 

The CCP uses various means, such as movies, television, newspapers, books, and now the Internet, etc., to brainwash all people, young and old, disabled and not, in various fields such as politics, economics, science, medicine, military, education, etc. Brainwashing not only of those within the walls of the CCP, but also of those outside the walls. That is why the shadow of CCP can now be clearly seen even in civilised Western countries. 

The CCP’s brainwashing of the people has laid the ideological foundation for their further infiltration into Western countries, so that, as Mr. Guo has exposed, “the Blue, Gold and Yellow tactics used by the CCP” can be used in Western countries unimpeded. 

In order to put an early end to this “false, exaggerate, and hollow” brainwashing of the people by CCP, to let the people truly see the evil nature of CCP, and understand the real life of a civilised country, we must eradicate this evil and wicked party of CCP, and return the truth to the people, return civilization to the people, and return the world to the people! 

Take Down the CCP !!!

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ccp is evil

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一切已经开始,Take down the CCP !!!


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