Xitler’s Blind Confidence Is Leading the CCP to Its Demise

Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China (RDCY) provided a 16,000 words Assessment report of Biden’s China Policy in 100 Days of Administration. Two-thirds of Biden’s policies toward China were similar to those of Trump’s presidency, according to the report.

  • This report does not mention the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus at all but highlights the confrontation and divisions between U.S. Democrats and Republicans and implies that the post-policies of the Biden administration will favor the Communist Beijing government.
  • This report aims to tell the Chinese sheeple that Xi Jinping was right to choose to help Joe Biden.
  • The report argues that the U.S. cannot use ideologies such as genocide to confront the CCP, but it is afraid to let the top leader know that the U.S. will eliminate the CCP by tracing the source of the virus.
  • The people who wrote the report are terrified of telling the truth, because they are afraid that they will not end up well in Xi Jinping’s Cultural Revolution 2.0  in the future.
  • President Trump keeps pulling the United States out of international organizations, while President Biden returns to them to exterminate the CCP  with their allied nations.
  • President Trump has defined and put on the record the policies of the CCP; President Biden is now fixing the legal formalities for Trump’s policies. Biden is now continuing to move towards a smaller encirclement of the CCP in preparation for the eventual siege.
  • The so-called Xi Jinping’s four confidence is absolutely blind confidence.
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