The CCP’s Drinking Culture Has Killed Many Chinese People: Mr. Hao Haidong

Mr. Hao Haidong and Ms. Ye Zhaoying join Lu De’s morning show today.

Communist China’s state media came out to clarify that 48-year-old former defender Zhang Enhua did not die of myocardial infarction after drinking.

  • Mr. Hao, having known Zhang Enhua for many years, described him as an honest and generous man who was addicted to alcohol. Mr. Hao believes that heavy drinking s definitely the enemy of retired athletes.
  • Many  Chinese celebrities are also very unpleasant and make crazy actions after drinking, such as CCTV’s best-in-class anchor, Zhang Hongmin, who got so drunk that he took a pee in the hotel lobby. Moreover, the CCP has been covering up the fact that Zhang is homosexual in order to maintain its great political image.
  • The drinking culture in China is a special way for the CCP to promote talent. The CCP believes the drinking table can test people’s loyalty.
  • To be successful in the Chinese workplace, Chinese people need to be able to drink. This cultural climate has led to many deaths at the drinking table in China.
  • Guest An Hong said she was famous in their industry in Beijing because she could drink 250 grams of Chinese white wine with 56% alcohol and 16 bottles of beer (600 ml each) at one time. However, she later quit drinking. However, she later gave up drinking, realizing the ridiculousness of such a system and that it was very bad for her health.
  • Mr. Hao’s family was friends with Yuan Yubai, an admiral of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) and the first and only commander of the Southern Theater Command from the Navy.  

The CCP media really can’t find Xi Jinping’s great achievements, so they can only bring out some little “accomplishments” from his youth to make propaganda.   For example, at the age of 16, Xi used the three-wheeled motorcycle he won in exchange for a Dongfanghong walk-behind tractor, a flour mill, a field raising machine, a rice mill and a submersible pump the donated to the local farmers. This deal was just too good to be true.

  • Xi has absolutely no political capital like his predecessor leaders. Even compared to his rival Bo Xilai from the same generation, he fell far behind.
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