[Commentary] Athletes have good reason to beware Xi Jinping’s Beijing Winter Olympics

Author: MOS Business Group – Hetangyuese

Image resource: G-News

There are growing calls to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. On April 18, 2021, the New York Post published an article: “Athletes have good reason to beware Xi Jinping’s Beijing Winter Olympics,” which calls for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Some reasons cited are Chinese human rights abuses, military aggression in the Indo-Pacific region, and crushing the rule of law in Hong Kong. The article also cites dangers to Olympic athletes at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

People opposing such Olympic boycotts may consider it as a form of resistance. The opponents retort from the perspective of athletes: “Yes, but what about athletes? Is boycotting the Winter Olympics fair to athletes?” I wonder if these people are simply naive or brainwashed followers of the CCP. Athletes and their countries must remain vigilant for the Chinese government’s theft of intellectual property, genetic data, and personal information from participants. For the CCP, the Winter Olympics is also a high-end trade exhibition, where each country showcases its best competitors and the most advanced equipment in an environment controlled by Beijing.

The article also pointed out that the CCP believes in unrestricted war and emphasizes the use of all means to accomplish its goals, regardless of whether it is legal or illegal, moral or immoral. They think that the Olympics is their battlefield instead of friendly competition, winning on all sides is THE goal. The CCP is determined to win as many medals as possible or to win all medals if they can. For the CCP, winning medals always remains convincing proof of the superiority of its system, besides the rationality of the system, albeit with physical and psychological abuse of child athletes covered up across the country.

This article in the New York Post really digs up dirt on the CCP. The Olympics, originally a spectacular and pure sporting event, but once in the hands of the CCP, has been essentially corrupted. It became an arena to steal data. The CCP has been fully engaging in secret operations, cheating the world with the image of the courtesy and hospitality of the Chinese nation. Every participating athlete has to stay away from Beijing winter Olympics, otherwise, you would undoubtedly be running naked in the CCP’s database!

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