Chinese People Is Not the Same As the CCP

MR. Miles Guo’s Latest Revelation 05012021

Author: Clio | PR: Angela


Our beloved Miles Guo does not agree with the accumbent that the biggest difficulty in exterminating the CCP is that the people’s minds are not enlightened.

He said, some liars of the Western world say that Chinese people do not deserve democracy, it is because they simply do not have the ability and confidence to help Chinese people. They have the same opinion as the CCP. They just want to enslave the Chinese people.

In any situation, please remember when they say the minds and intelligence of the Chinese are not well developed or that one can’t wake up those who pretend to be asleep, they are just incapable of waking people up, or they’re doing it in the wrong way.

The Chinese people are not sheep, although the kindness of sheep is in our nature. We also have the team spirit and courage of wolves. But because of the CCP and the decline of the Chinese nation, the Chinese were left behind in the age of industrial revolution and consequently invaded by Communism which resulted in people losing their humanity and everything else being so abnormal in the country.

Everything is messed up. Moreover, communism dominating our land makes us Chinese unconfident in ourselves. The so called all losers all fake democracy activists including the top officials of the CCP will justify their victimization and betrayal towards the Chinese people by one thing. That is, Chinese people are stupid and an inferior race.

Even those top officials of the CCP, as we all know Wang, Qishan believes the intelligence of the Chinese will not be well developed in a century. They deserve to be whipped and abused. The top officials have no difference from Mao Zedong (they think) the Chinese would be much more submissive if billions of them were butchered. They murdered and imprisoned people by quota.

Just like the fake democracy activists, when they couldn’t achieve anything for Chinese people they all claim the Chinese don’t deserve democracy, the Chinese people know nothing about democracy. All the crap from those damn losers!

Keep in mind, China is an excellent nation, the Chinese people are kind and brave!

Miles Guo shouted.

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