Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on May 2nd, 2021


Seoul Himalaya Snow

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MOS Himalaya 369(Wenju),Dolores

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Translated by Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV

Proofread by Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

As you can see from the four short videos of bank failures sent by our fellow fighters that just played, we must all have a clear mind about the CCP. A relative of mine needed to bribe the bank to be allowed to take out half of his money from the bank to buy Himalaya Coin (HCN). What kind of country is this? The CCP will close the banks one day in the future. It will test this strategy at four small banks first, which is testing the psychological tolerance of ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing).

The CCP understands the herd effect very well, and this is its rogue tactic. The banks’ money has been misappropriated, and all the lenders are the descendants of the CCP’s senior officials. Several major banks, the CBRC, the Chinese SEC, and the Foreign Exchange Bureau, are all controlled by Wang Qishan. What is terrible is that Lao Bai Xing is being robbed, but they are unaware of it. The major banks are going to run into problems very soon, and the CCP has already found a scapegoat.

In the West, more people are now sharing our information and spreading it in various languages. Many world-class figures support the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and they have forwarded Dr. Yan’s reports. In my opinion, since the CCP released the virus last year and caused this global pandemic, it ensured its own demise. This fact will never change regardless of any efforts to change this course of events.

Both the previous Trump and current Biden administrations have designated the CCP as having committed Genocide in Xinjiang and Crimes Against Humanity, based on legal evidence, and nobody can overturn this designation. In Hong Kong, the CCP has torn up international agreements and persecuted and killed students in Hong Kong. The crimes committed in Hong Kong will eventually be designated to be another Genocide as like the one perpetrated in Xinjiang: crimes of mass murder against groups of people. The CCP never lives up to any agreements with the world. Therefore, it will not be able to keep its membership in the UN. The CCP released the virus, but why did it cover up the fact that so many people died in Wuhan?

New virus variants are constantly appearing in Brazil, the UK, and the US, and these countries are on the verge of kneeling to the CCP. India’s death statistics are incorrect. The CCP is still threatening Japan and Australia. The artificially developed virus is a super biochemical weapon. Therefore, will the world spare the CCP?

Zhongnanhai (Beijing) now has only one supreme dictator – Xi Jinping. The CCP no longer has a politburo standing committee. Besides Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping) himself, there is only Sissy Yang (Yang Jiechi) and Eunuch Wang (Wang Yi) left that he trusts. This is very similar to the Hitler era of 1932-1946.

The current policy toward Hong Kong and the US – starting unrestricted warfare by spreading the CCP virus – is not the result of collective decision-making. Therefore, the decision to attack Taiwan will not be a joint decision either. No one knows when they will be going to war.

The CCP-controlled International Cooperation Organization, International Financial Organization, WTO, and the IMF have done their job for the CCP well. And the organizations in the Middle East have become useless. But the alliance between the US and Japan is significant, and means that the world’s political pattern will change completely. The world’s military map will change entirely as well.

DECP (China’s National Digital Currency) is a considerable challenge to the US. If there is a three-currency confrontation between the US dollar, the Euro, and the RMB, the US dollar will be finished. The US-CCP rivalry will expose more UN, WHO, and Interpol cases of corruption and will cause the CCP to be kicked out of the UN. Those who publicly condemn the CCP are hypocritical actually, and are colluding behind the scenes. No country wants to go to war with the CCP because if the war starts, it will lead to World War III, and humanity will suffer greatly, possibly perishing entirely.

A unique political, economic, and military situation has occurred. When I say: “the easiest way to capture a fortress is from its inside,” I mean somebody influential must step forward from within the CCP to destroy the CCP. A senior CCP official said: “either we compromise or we become enemies of the world”.  But actually, the CCP does not have the ability to compromise. This old chief also noted that the CCP is not compatible with modern world civilization, and has entered its final chapter, which we will witness.

If the banks fail, the Chinese economy will collapse. In the past, the vast majority of China’s revenue consisted of sweat and blood money, earned from playing the role of a factory. If the economy collapses, the CCP and the Chinese will be left to struggle on their own, regressing to a primitive social state. Will the CCP be able to withstand the Chinese insurrection at that time? The Chinese will rise, and millions of people will revolt to overthrow the CCP.

When the contradictions created by the CCP explode, it will cause a freezing effect, a shock, like the “Tunisian phenomenon” – an instant collapse. Some of the CCP’s senior leadership have clear minds: if the economy cannot be sustained, it would be self-destructive to attack Taiwan.

The biggest challenge the CCP will face next year at its 20th National Congress is the repatriation of Taiwan as promised by isolated Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping). If there is no attack on Taiwan this year, it will make him a “bragger” and also lead to internal collapse. In a word, Xi Jinping will no longer be worshipped as he wishes. Next year’s 20th National Congress will be a watershed moment in the CCP’s internal battle and external international relations. Zeng Qinghong, Wang Qishan, and other promising young and vigorous factions will make their move, and the 20th National Congress will usher in a massive change.

It is unrealistic to hope that the US will strike a critical hit on the CCP. The CCP’s chaos will have three or more stages, culminating in executing the robust South Putuo Plan to destroy its opponents.

The opportunity to destroy the CCP may occur in 2022. In 2022, the US Republican Party may also take back its power, and it will then stop Biden from getting close to the CCP by decoupling with the CCP. Moreover, they may call for an investigation of the 2020 presidential election and impeach Biden. At the same time, there will be a public opinion offensive to hold the CCP accountable in the US. Becoming a wartime president if the CCP attacks Taiwan will be Biden’s unique means of escaping sanctions. By the end of this year, or early next year, the US economy will collapse, the US stock market will plummet, and the confrontation between the US and the CCP will deepen.

Isolated Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping) will probably order an attack on Taiwan at that time. If the US economy is in big trouble, and the CCP takes the chance to push DECP, it will cause a colossal disaster for the US, and the US will start a war at that time.

When the CCP enters a period of internal chaos and tremendous external pressure, it will be a appropriate time for Zeng Qinghong, Wang Qishan, and Han Zheng to make a desperate last attempt to win the hearts of the people, and to keep their wealth. They may introduce seven or eight young faces with a “good image” to communicate with the West to implement “supposedly” legal and democratic elections.

No one can thoroughly explain the relationship between Himalaya Coin (HCN), the Himalaya Reserve System (HRS), and the US dollar. The reason I repeatedly mention “Sara (VOG) incident” is to remind our fellow fighters of the role she has played in maliciously framing so many of our brothers and sisters. The Whistleblower Movement has the chance to “hatch chicks into golden phoenixes”, and that’s the most beautiful part of the Whistleblower Movement. Can there be any good end for those who slander the Whistleblower Movement? The Whistleblower Movement is too powerful! 

None of our fellow fighters got involved in the Himalaya Coin (HCN), Himalaya Dollar (HDO), and Himalaya Reserve System (HRS), R&D or management work yet. And there are only two fellow fighters who are now involved in customer service.

What will the US become when its internal power switches to the Republicans in 2022? The most meaningful thing about the US is that it can determine the price and circulation of currencies of the world. The pricing and circulation power of virtual coins is now in our own hands, and this power comes from trust.

Huobi, Ethereum, Dogecoin will disappear in the future because they are just “vehicles” for some people to transfer their money, which are wholly speculative and cannot be stable coins.  Our HRS, HDO, and HCN, have stable and floating coins and 20% gold as reserves. As long as there is a network, the circulation of Himalaya Coin (HCN) cannot be interrupted.

It is safe, trusted, gold-backed, easy to transact, standard-priced, circulating globally, and the safest virtual currency not threatened by the CCP. HDO and HCN are the Sun Wukong (a legendary mythical figure best known as one of the main characters in the 16th-century Chinese novel) of the financial world.

In the world, there is no doubt that HRC, HDO, and HCN are the cleanest.

Mr. Morgan gave me a book that narrates how Morgan came back to the US in disgrace and founded JPMorgan Bank. Most of the major changes in societal structure are accompanied by reforms in finance. Poverty itself is not terrible, but lack of knowledge and a solidified mind is the most horrible.

Who will join the rebuilding of G-TV next? Let us wait and see. Brother 7 will never leave any fellow fighters behind. We must protect the interests of every one of our brothers and sisters. Without you, what would be the point of our Whistleblower Movement? Some institutional investors said: “it’s hard to imagine that you created the G-Series, and you do not have a single share of the equity.” Why are G-TV and G-News valuations high? It is all because of our dedication to taking down the CCP, and the credit we have built. It is all because of our large following, and the foundation of adherence to the truth.

HRS, HDO, and HCN represent the birth of an embryonic new political system where the national interest is to put the people first. The Himalaya-series is based on the principle of equitable global distribution of wealth and benefit, which derives from faith. We are qualified and determined to defend these principles. The US has now lost the ability to defend its faith. Justice is the only principle that will prevail after a century of experience. If more than one-fifth of the seven billion people recognize it, then the Chinese will be the protagonists of the world.

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