[Commentary] Dr. Zelenko Nominated for Nobel Prize

By billwilliam

On April 30, OANN reported that Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is among a group of doctors nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for adopting hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatment for the Chinese Communist Party virus (Covid-19).

Since last year, Dr. Zelenko is one of the first medical doctors to recommend a cocktail treatment involving both HCQ and Zinc. The two chemicals are indispensable because they enhance each other’s antiviral properties. According to Dr. Zelenko, HCQ brings Zinc ions into cells so that Zinc can attack the virus.

Dr. Zelenko said he doesn’t think much of the award, but it gives credibility to the message that there are effective prophylactics or early treatment for the CCP virus. Since March last year, Dr. Zelenko has been one of the first doctors to treat the CCP virus successfully in an outpatient setting. In fact, he will publish an upcoming research article discussing that early HCQ treatment reduces hospitalization and death by 84% among the high-risk population. And other studies reproduced similar results. [1]

When asked to comment on the current administration’s handling of the pandemic, Dr. Zelenko suggested that we shouldn’t give in to fears, because effective treatment is available, including over-the-counter drugs. There are two risk factors: “one is the state you live in, and two is the doctor you choose.” A patient’s survival depends on whether his doctor chooses effective medicine. Dr. Zelenko said, “You don’t need to fear this if you can get good care.” [1]

Dr. Zelenko finished his undergraduate studies at Hofstra University. He later attended S.U.N.Y at Buffalo School of Medicine. After having completed his hospital residency, he has been a family medicine physician in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2004. [2]

Personally, I believe other heroic individuals may also deserve the Nobel Prize. Dr. Li-meng Yan deserves the award because she was the first hero scientist to warn the world about the CCP’s bioweapon attack. She is also a proponent of HCQ treatment. In addition, Dr. Peter Navarro may also deserve the award. Despite objections from other White House staffers, he first notified President Trump that the virus is human-to-human transmissible. Under his advice, Trump closed the U.S. borders to travellers from China. The pandemic would have been much deadlier if without Dr. Navarro’s brave action.

Last week, Mr. Miles Guo revealed the breaking news that the CCP has developed antidotes to its bioweapon, the CCP virus. It is a standard practice for the attacker to develop antidotes to protect itself during biowarfare. Therefore, the CCP may possess a better antidote than HCQ. Various strains of the CCP virus are still killing millions of people worldwide, including recent surges in India. The whole world should ask the CCP to hand over the formula of its antidotes.  


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