CCP Is an Illegitimate Regime

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in an interview on CBS that the threat posed by China is the significant challenge and competition for the U.S.

  • CBS suggests that China may be the only big issue that democrats and republicans find the common cause today.
  • Mr. Lu De has been saying throughout the show since January 20 that the two parties in the United States will work together against the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) after Biden officially takes office.

The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove said on LBC London that Coronavirus was more likely to have escaped from a lab than to have come from an animal,

The state of Missouri is suing three government ministries, two local governments, two laboratories, and the CCP for the country’s handing of the CCP virus outbreak. It’s the first such lawsuit brought by a state in the United States.

  • Once the court finds the CCP guilty, the relevant officials and leaders will not be able to escape to anywhere. Mr. Lu De reminds everyone not to forget that the U.S. has a reward system.

NetEase News:Wall Street has gone crazy again! Americans may be creating the biggest financial bubble in human history

  • It’s normal for the people under the liberal ecology of the United States to chase the bubbles. The Chinese Communist system always follows Gresham’s Law – the bad drives out the good.
  • The CCP did not hold any general elections before coming to power 72 years ago, so it will eventually be defined as an illegitimate regime.
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