Xi plans to invade Taiwan to divert attentions. Xi is all on his own. Capital keeps outflowing

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

The political situation inside CCP is very tense now

The political battle among Zeng Qinghong, Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping has reached mid-stage

Recently, it has been made clear within the CCP that it is necessary to win the battle of the origin of Covid-19

CCP wants to induce the U.S. to recognize that CCP is not responsible for the virus whether it leaked from Wuhan lab or came from nature

CCP wants the U.S. to endorse it at the price of promising in private to compromise on anything

At the same time, CCP is preparing to invade Taiwan if the U.S. doesn’t cooperate

CCP is ready to sacrifice 500 thousands PLA “Wolf Warriors” to bring down current US administration and crush US economy

CCP wants to divert the attention of the world to the Taiwan and South China Sea battles

It indicates that CCP knows that the truth of coronavirus will kill its life

CCP wants India to surrender completely, wants Japan and Australia to feel afraid

CCP wants the US to fear to hold CCP accountable for this virus

CCP will do everything it can to forbid investigation about the truth of coronavirus, and of course will not give you the cure

When this strategy was made out, Xi is all on his own

All Standing Committee members of the Central Committee of CCP fled away

Only two man, Tiger Yang and Wang Yi, who are trusted by Xi, still follow him in Zhongnanhai

Everyone who reports to Xi from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the financial system, knows that they cannot tell the truth

The forbidden truth includes China Minsheng Bank, Xu Jiayin’s Evergrande Group, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Insurance,

and especially the current economy situation in Hongkong. Everything was covered up

Now Xi has two cards left in his hands. One is the army which he is granted to control by law

The other is to attack Taiwan. However, what if the army doesn’t obey him?

He believes that America will not strike Beijing when he attacks Taiwan. But is that right?

What is the current state of the China’s economy? Just in March alone, more than 100 billion funds fled to Canada.

In the following first two weeks in April, more than 60 billion fled to Canada again. Capital is outflowing

The more important thing now is the virtual cryptocurrency, including our Himalaya Coin.

Large amount of money has been spent on buying Himalaya Dollar

It implies that the rich people are fleeing, and the powerful people are trying to hide their money.

This is the omen of the collapse of any dynasty.

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Dictation: 作而無作

Translation: 文紗(kazusa)

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