[Headline News]”Far More Likely” COVID-19 Came From Lab, Ex-MI6 Chief Told LBC

Author: MOS Info Departmnt 6zero4

On May 2, Mr.Richard Dearlove was interviewed by Tom Swarbrick from LBC. Dearlove told LBC that COVID-19 was more likely to have escaped from a lab than to have come from an animal.

From 1999 until 6 May 2004, Richard Dearlove, was head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), a role known informally as “C”.

Source: BBC

Dearlove said aspects of the virus “point in the direction of it being somewhat tailored”. In the meantime, he admitted that some people think “it’s possible” the virus jumped to humans from nature. “But the fact that… it’s far more likely, if you’re a scientist, that it was put together, as it were, mucked around with and the characteristics of things like the spike protein, which make it so highly infectious. Therefore someone has theorized that the COVID-19 could have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Dearlove also told Swarbrick that the WHO’s report was a “farcical investigation”. WHO’s report stated that a lab leak was highly unlikely, but further work was needed and that the process of establishing the origin of the virus is ongoing, and more information about the origin of the COVID-19 will soon come out. Dearlove described CCP’s China as a more “acute” threat. He alleged that CCP’s influence was hindering the publication of scientific articles on the origin of the virus, but he expects forthcoming books to further outline the argument for COVID-19′ lab origin.

However, Dearlove warned that the origin of the virus may never be proven, because the evidence that could have proved it one way or another may have been destroyed. “The extent of the CCP’s clean up…so you can’t prove it’s zoonotic, also you can’t prove it’s a lab escapee. This is why I don’t think that this issue can be resolved one way or another, What I’m saying is there’s a balance of probability.”

The on-site evidences from Wuhan, the source of the COVID-19 outbreak, have been thoroughly cleaned up by the CCP, and key evidences such as the original strain and Patient Zero may also have been disappeared. However, we should believe that sophisticated science and technology and the Big Data nowadays can help track back the source and the truth of COVID-19 at a large extent.

Since this January, US military intelligence expert Dr. Sellin Lawrence has been systematically exposing the truth OF COVID-19 on Twitter. As the CCP has conducted Military-Civilian Fusion in the world for a long time, it is impossible not to leave any traces. Dr. Sellin Lawrence is now asking the world for any pieces of information about the COVID-19. In fact, a lot of fragmented information worldwide has already been trickling down to Dr. Sellin.

In fact, Dr. Sellin represents the top of the US military to find the origin of COVID-19. He must already have a detailed map of CCP-PLA virus research network. Any small pieces of information will be helpful to complete the map.

US military intelligence together with many whistleblowers, we might have found the most reliable path to the origin and truth of COVID-19!


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