Dr. Lawrence Sellin: COVID-19 a Laboratory-Made Product, a Part of CCP’s Virus Biowarfare Program

5/4/2021 Dr. Lawrence Sellin: COVID-19 was made in laboratories, a product of a wider program of gain-of-function virus research being conducted by Chinese Communist Party scientists within the dual-use military commercial program. The CCP deliberately combined military and civilian virus research, hiding a secret military level beneath layers of civilian institutes and universities. The CCP has inherited the similar strategy from the then Imperial Japanese Army that utilized for the development of bioweapons was covered by veterinary medicine or agricultural research. A bunch of institutions and hospitals being involved in the military-civil fusion program has been implicated in a large effort of virus collection led by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, an institution closely tied to People’s Liberation Army of China.

By: 【秘密翻译组 G-Translators】

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