[Headline News]China-EU Comprehensive Agreement On Investment Suspended

Author: MOS Translation Group  Wenya621

According to Munich Mercury Newspaper, German Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel has attempted to broker a China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (Hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) despite the human rights issues in Xinjiang that have led to bad relations between the EU and the Chinese communist state, resulting in mutual sanctions. However, growing opposition from EU countries has left the Agreement facing defeat at the EU Parliament.

Although the Agreement was signed in 2020, it still needs to be approved by the EU Parliament to be effective. The Agreement has been suspended in the EU Parliament due to the sanctions conflict over human rights in Xinjiang. Several EU lawmakers warned this week that they will not vote to approve the deal as long as the Chinese Communist Party continues to sanction the five EU lawmakers by banning them from entering China.

But the Chinese Communist Party, which has been rampaging internationally under Xi Jinping’s leadership, will unlikely withdraw the sanctions against the EU. Therefore, the Agreement may not even be on the agenda of the EU Parliament in the near future.

It is believed that the discussion on how to facilitate the Agreement was also a major topic of discussion at the consultation meeting between the German and Chinese prime ministers held recently against the backdrop of deteriorating relations between the two countries.

In addition, some laws to protect European companies from being subsumed by foreign companies with state subsidies are being developed by the European Commission, which will make the Agreement even worse and more difficult to produce.

The Agreement is clearly an agreement for the expansion of the Chinese Communist Party in Europe, with the opening of the Chinese Communist market as a lure to gain access to European capital and technology and to annex European companies. According to this Agreement, EU countries may get some economic benefits in the short term. But in the long run, Europe will lose its qualified companies, its technological advantages and its political independence. The suspension of the Agreement, in a way, prevents the Chinese Communist Party taking the future of the EU.


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