DoD Released List of Companies Linked to CCP Military

Recently, the Pentagon has released a list of 20 companies that are owned or controlled by Communist China’s military and operate in the US. The list includes but is not limited to: Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and Huawei Technologies Co.

The CCP uses military industrial enterprises to steal advanced technologies and information of high-level dignitaries in the United States, while using communication companies to attempt to open overseas markets at unbelievably low prices. Last year, the United States has filed 16 criminal charges against Huawei, stating that Huawei has been performing theft of US company trade secrets for decades. For example, Cisco Systems in the United States has accused Huawei of infringing its intellectual property rights, accusing Huawei and its affiliates of routers and switches and other products of the original code, infringing at least five Cisco patents, and plagiarizing Cisco product user manuals.

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. claims that they are independently operated companies. It is just as Huawei, which is disguised as a private enterprise, but is firmly controlled by the CCP and listens to the CCP’s command. Many companies are reluctant to offend the CCP because they want to profit from the market in China, but have been plagued by intellectual property rights infringement for decades. For example, Qualcomm exports chips to Huawei, and Intel and IBM are also the suppliers of Huawei. The policy issued by the Pentagon this time is undoubtedly an encouragement for companies to defend their intellectual property rights and rights. The US government still needs to make greater efforts to protect the legitimate rights and interests of US companies. Prevent unfair competition by CCP companies.

The list put out by the Pentagon is just a start. In the future, Chinese companies that want to enter the US market will need to undergo stricter background checks to make sure that there is no shadow of the Chinese military and Communist Party behind them. Relevant enterprises must impose strict sanctions and control to strictly prevent the penetration of communism. Republican Senator Marco Rubio wants to remind the public that this list is “far from enough” when it comes to vigilance against CCP’s enterprises threatening US national security.

The US State Department emphasized that the United States will begin to treat the four major media of the Chinese Communist Party as foreign embassies, a move that will limit the business of these four media in the United States. These four media groups are: CCTV, China News Service, People’s Daily and Global Times.

An article published by the United States stated that in the past decade, especially during Xi Jinping’s ruling as the CCP’s general secretary, the CCP reorganized the national propaganda agencies disguised as news organizations, and controlled them more directly. Xi Jinping said: “The media owned by the CCP must reflect the will of the party and safeguard the authority of the party, and their actions must be highly consistent with the CCP.”

The four newly appointed CCP official media will be required to provide the US State Department with a list of their staff, including name, age, and home address, and update the list when staff are transferred. These agencies must also obtain approval to purchase or lease any real estate in the United States. This will make the CCP media operation more transparent, accept the US government’s scrutiny, and prevent the promotion of false news for the purpose of discrediting the US.

This is not the first time that CCP slandered the United States and publicized communism through the media. In early June, Twitter announced the ban of more than 100,000 accounts, all of which are associated with CCP. They spread fake news on Twitter, praised the control of the COVID-19 in China, and slandered the United States for being responsible for the Covid-19.

The CCP has been attacking US in various ways, with the evil agenda to weaken the United States, and destroy the United States by all improper means. Justice will defeat evil, and everything the CCP does today is digging its own grave.

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