The First Victim of CCP’s National Security Law

Author: FineFood

People of Hong Kong are flooding the streets of Hong Kong Island once again on this special day. It is the first big movement after the implementation of national security law. Arrests are everywhere.

A local elected legislator, Andrew Wan Shiu-kin, was arrested by the brutal police officers. He was at a street stand that raised funds for the party to which he belonged. According to the photos posted on his official page on Facebook, he was pushed to the ground by the thugs in uniform and then arrested.

Meanwhile, a male protester was stopped and searched by the police, too. He was carrying a flag that wrote “Hong Kong Independence”. The Beijing Daily reported that the man was the first person arrested for a suspected violation of the national security law of Hong Kong. It quoted any flags or slogans that are expressly or implicitly related to independence amount to an offense. The article also showed a newly made purple banner that specifically warns about the possible offense of this law; it shows that the quick imposition of the law by Beijing is a planned manner to crackdown any demonstrations that the CCP does not like.

Freedom of expression is now terminated in not only mainland China but also in Hong Kong. Flags that could be waved yesterday can no longer find its place from now on. The persecution of elected representatives who do not stand with the CCP is underway. And once you are convicted under the national security law, your political right to the candidacy of the Legislative Council is deprived of life, according to art. 35 of the latest legislation. Governments who acquiesce in CCP’s evilness, let alone support, are complicit in failing the people of Hong Kong.


【小編按】:腦細被無理拘捕Source: 立場新聞

Posted by 尹兆堅 Andrew Wan on Tuesday, June 30, 2020
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