【Debunked】37 Lies of CCP – Episode 1: Hong Kong

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Editor’s note: On July 2, 2020, the CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on its official website claiming that the world, mainly U.S. and western countries, has wronged China on various issues related to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 37 detailed claims in the statement and each one of them will be refuted with solid proof in four separate articles published on GNEWS. The first episode is on the issue of Hong Kong.

Lie No.1: That the national security law of Hong Kong (NSLHK) does not destroy the basic human rights and freedom of the people of Hong Kong and does not violate the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights since the NSLHK expressly protects those rights and the Covenant allows limitations to be imposed for safeguarding national security.

Debunk No.1: CCP’s “Constitution” does write human rights and freedom ON THE PAPER. However, the persecutions of the Uyghur, the Tibetan, the Falungong followers, and the latest crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong showed the opposite. The Covenant allows necessary limitations IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY, the CCP here removes these important words because this notion is absent in their dictionary. The CCP has full control in legislative, executive, and judiciary organs and the “Constitution” can be amended to fit the Parties’ needs just like what they did in 2018 when President Xi abolished the tenure.

Lie No.2: That the NSLHK does not incorporate equivocal offenses to be abused by CCP to suppress the people, as procedures are clearly laid down in the text, requiring the exercise of the power of the concerned department in Hong Kong to be subject to the monitor of the country. Whereas there are stringent bodies of law to combat threats to national security in many English-speaking countries.

Debunk No.2: It is indeed equivocal! There is no clear definition of the idea of “national security”. It all depends on the CCP’s preferential interpretation at the time. The CCP runs the country by the Party’s leadership only; therefore, “national security” actually means “CCP’s security” under this context. Those civilized countries suggested are for, of and by the people sustained by the rule of law. There is never check and balance as to the use of power and exercise of force under the CCP’s administration. Look at Xinjiang and look at the streets in Hong Kong over the past year – not even one single police officer has ever been arrested for the brutal persecution of young people as evidenced by a  tremendous amount of footage.

Lie No.3: That the NSLHK does not inhibit, but facilitates, foreign firms in Hong Kong to fulfill their duties to respect human rights as provided in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, since the legislation targets only four kinds of criminal acts.

Debunk No.3: The controversial far-reaching Article 38 of the NSLHK covers everybody around the world. That means if the CCP wishes to, they can excuse themselves for freezing accounts of businesses to gain their compliance. As mentioned before, the definition of those acts can be expanded or contracted at their own whim. The claim that respect for human rights is just empty words, if not a lie.

Lie No.4: Regarding claims that the police force in Hong Kong used excessive force, including spraying chemicals on protesters, sexually harassing female demonstrators, interfering medics at the scene, etc., the CCP says that the police displayed a high degree of self-control and no demonstrator has been killed. However, police in the US have always shot at and killed protestors, as in the case of George Floyd.

Debunk No.4: During the anti-extradition saga, armless students had been beaten, vanished, or arrested and citizens passing by were patdown by the police for no reason. And how dare the CCP compare the tragedy of Hong Kong people to the death of George Floyd. If anything, the police officer who kneeled on George and caused his death was charged for murder and hundreds of pictures have shown Hong Kong police officers kneeling on young men and young women’s necks yet none of them is in trouble as they followed the command of the CCP, and therefore, are protected by the CCP.

Lie No.5: On allegations that the CCP cracks down on demonstrations and calls for democracy, the regime says that it is the radicals who perpetrate violent behaviors and it is important to combat things that go over the line of legality.

Debunk No.5: Over the years the people of Hong Kong had been peacefully demonstrated for their entitled rights. Universal suffrage for elections in the legislative body and the head of the city had been promised to the world by the CCP. But these had been postponed and now broken. Smearing the demonstrators is the only thing the CCP knows to do.

Lie No.6: That the NSLHK never violates the Joint Declaration since all the provisions in it had already been fully discharged upon the handover of sovereignty. It follows that the United Kingdom does not have rights of sovereignty, governance or monitoring.

Debunk No.6: The Joint Declaration is a solemn international treaty registered in the UN, to which the UK is a party. Of course the British has the right to voice out when they do not see the document properly implemented. In fact, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently declared a “serious breach” by the CCP.

Lie No.7: That the NSLHK is not unilaterally imposed upon Hong Kong since, unlike Macau, subversive forces and external powers in Hong Kong have long interfered the obligations to legislate on the matter as stipulated in the Basic Law and the CCP thus needs to exercise the central power it enjoys to fulfil the duty to secure national security.

Debunk No.7: Again, the right to a universal suffrage has been written in the Basic Law, too. The CCP long evaded to honor this clause but to blame the locals for not accepting the CCP’s wishes. Without tabling the full text of the bill in advance, there is no proper consultations. A direct legislation by the CCP by circumventing the procedures in Hong Kong means it is unilaterally imposed.

Lie No.8: That it is false that the NSLHK does not have the people’s endorsement nor is it backed by meaningful consultation. Conversely, the law reflects the common intention shared by all the people of the country and the city. 12 consultation meetings participated by a wide range of organizations have been held, more than 200 sets of opinions from members of the National People’s Congress and the People’s Political Consultative Conference have been received and over 3 million local citizens have penned their support for the law and more than 1.28 million have joined in an online petition to resist American intervention.

Debunk No.8: The validity of those signatures, online and offline, is highly doubtful. They were not endorsed by real names. Even if we presume that the number can be true, Hong Kong has a population of more than 7.5 million, which means 3 million people are less than half of the citizens in Hong Kong. So, the question reveals itself: how can these 3 million people, according to the CCP, represent the main stream of Hong Kong? Plus, there had been 1 million people and then 2 million who walked out to protest the extradition law, a bill which had an even smaller scale than the NSLHK. Media from the world had witnessed the waves of people filling streets and alleys of the Hong Kong Island. And even after the law was put into force, hundreds of thousands still flooded the street to voice their dissent, only to be threatened and beaten again by the police. This is what correctly represents the general will of Hong Kong. Fake consultations that nobody knew about can never convince anybody.

Lie No.9: That the NSLHK does not terminate framework of “one country, two systems” nor does it deprive the status of high autonomy since the National People’s Congress’ decision to legislate expresses that the goal is to correctly implement the framework by cementing the foundation of “one country”. The capitalistic status, the high autonomy, the legal system of Hong Kong comprised of judiciary independence and the power of final adjudication are not to be changed.

Debunk No.9: It is plainly a lie. Before the handover, the CCP always reiterated that “the river water never interferes the well water” to paint an image that “one country” and “two systems” were equal and reciprocal. Before the NSLHK was put into force by making a pronouncement in the Hong Kong Gazette, a procedure that must be followed before a law is to take effect, nobody in the world, except the CCP, knew about the words in the bill. Not even the local citizens. Before the NSLHK, everything that happened in Hong Kong falls in the full jurisdiction of the local court system.

But now, “two systems” is to succumb under “one country”. Some jurisdiction is carved out and handed to CCP’s central administration. Secret agents who kidnapped victims like those of the Causewaybay Bookstore can now do the same openly. The CCP can only fool themselves but not the world.

Lie No.10: That the claim that the NSLHK undermines the prosperity of Hong Kong is not false since its effect of protecting such from the damage by violence is widely agreed by sundry foreign conglomerates like the HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Swire and Jardine. Just like Macau enjoyed growth of 1.5 times in GDP and the rate of unemployment has hit a 10-year low after she has passed the local law on national security in 2009.

Debunk No.10: When the HSBC was slow to show support to the NSLHK, it was openly threatened to “lose all its clients” by the CCP’s mouthpiece, the People’s Daily. They had no choice but to comply under blackmail.

The relevancy of a particular legislation and the economic growth of a city is simply questionable. In fact, without the law, Hong Kong also had its number of visitors more than doubled, GDP jumped by 64% from 2008 to 2018 and unemployment rate bottomed in 2018. (All figures from Trading Economics)

Source: https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/web/zyxw/t1794112.shtml

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