Instigated by China, Sri Lanka could end port deal with India

Sri Lanka, a country on a key shipping route between the Suez Canal and the Malacca Strait, has maintained a cozy relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP’s broad collaborations with Sri Lanka can be revealed through the CCP-virus, because the top virologists involved in the CCP’s biochemical weapon program are from Sri Lanka.

The whistleblower Li-Meng Yan’s supervisor and husband are both from Sri Lanka. The world will learn more about their “research” in the coming dates.

Malik Peiris is a renowned Sri Lankan pathologist and virologist.
CCP’s official Zhong Nanshan is seen in a picture from 2016 shaking hands with Malik Peiris after signing an agreement for collaborations.

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7 months ago

Isnt Malik Peiris the same person who Dr. Yan Limeng said told her to ignore COVID human transmission and danger concerns. He does get around! Sure is a CCP supporter..part of their plans for sure to spead the virus!