Humanitarian Disaster caused by CCP through reckless discharge of Three Gorge Dam 2

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In the morning of the 8 July, Xin-an Reservoir received another schedule to open 9 sluice valves to release flood water; By 8 am on 9 July, the total flood discharged is equivalent to 76 West Lakes.

Jingzhu River embarkment in Hubei Province has been breached, more than 6000 people were effected; Huanggang suffered a landslide, 7 were killed, 1 survived and 1 missing. In Panyang Town, Jiangxi Province, Wenguidao embarkment has been burst, and more than 9000 people were effected. An ancient bridge which dates back over 800 years was destroyed by the flood.

At 5pm on 8 July, a breach of over 40 meters in width appeared on Jingzhu River embarkment 4 villages in this area, over 6000 people, and more than 6.6 million square meter of farmland were under threat.

At 4 am on 8 July, In Hunaggang City, Hubei Province, Yuanshan village suffered a sudden landslide , 5 families which includes 9 people were buried. At 15:34 on 8 July, the first person was discovered with no vital signs. By 3:30pm on 9 July, all 9 people were found, 8 among them are dead. Those 9 people buried consists of 5 female and 4 male. There is only one surviver, an 81-year-old lady. She was rescued on 8 July.

At 8:35pm on 8 July, Wenguidao Embankment has been breached with a larger width of 50 metres. Over 9000 villagers, more than 10 million square meter of farmland were effected. All the villagers have been evacuated.

In the evening of 8 July, in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, the famous Rainbow Bridge was destroyed by the flood. The officials from Xinghua Town said on 9 July, part of the bridge floor was destroyed with most of the bridge piers still well-preserved.

The Rainbow Bridge was built in the Song Dynasty. Because the profile of the bridge is similar to the shape of a rainbow, it was named by a poetry of the Tang Dynasty which quotes ‘the bright mirror is nipped by the river on both sides, and the two bridges fall on to the rainbow’, its total length is 140 metres, and the bridge floor is over 3 metres in width, 5 holes on the side of the bridge is formed by the 4 piers, and there are stone tables and stone chairs situated in 11 pavilions. This bridge is, by far, the best preserved ancient corridor bridge in China, and it is honoured as ‘the last corridor bridge in the Chinese history of corridor bridges’, ‘one of the most beautiful corridor bridge in China’

Due to the surge of water level, by 8 pm on 9 July, Jiujiang 九江City, in Jiangxi Province, Yangtze River water level reached 21.52 metres which is 1.52 metres above the warning level, and the water is still raising. Starting from 10 am on 9 July, Jiujiang九江 Flood Control Headquarter has risen the flood control emergency response level to the 2nd level.

At noon on 9 July, the Head engineer, Lai Jianjun, from the water resources bureau of Jiande City in Zhejiang province said, from the moment Xin-an Reservoir started releasing flood on the 7th, by 8 am on the 9th, the total flood discharged reached to 1.108 billion cubic metres, and among it, 9.04 million cubic metres of flood was discharged through sluice valves, which is equivalent to around 76 West Lake.          

The water storage volume of the West Lake is close to a shocking 14 million cubic metres.

At 10 am on 7 July, because the water level has risen above flood control level, Xin-an Reservoir opened 3 sluice valves, and on the same day, 2 more sluice valves were opened for two times, and the total number opened reached 7. On 9 am of 8 July, another 2 were opened, and total number reached 9, the flow rate of the discharge is 6600 cubic metres/second, and the total flood discharge capacity is 7800 cubic metres/second.

Panyang lake in Jiang xi province has been raising in water level. At least 4 observation station has recorded a record high water volume since 1998. The flood is devastating. From the satellite view, the surface area of panyang lake is more than 4200 kilometre square, the largest in ten years.

According to the Chinese state media, Southern china has been encountering continuous storm. The rain fall has made the flood more severe in downstream locations. There are in total 27 provinces and 37890 thousand people effected, 28 thousand houses collapsed and over 33 rivers has experienced record high water level.

Villagers in Jiangxi jiujiang lake stated that there is no sign of government support in this disaster. They are only told to go to relative’s home, but no arrangement in any allowance.

According to Jiangsu province’s internal document, all the flood control personnels are told to retreat. However, the propaganda department has ordered all officials to not talk about any information regarding the flood. The government has never been this strict on flood news since 1983. This means upper stream of the Yangtze river might also be breached. But there has been no official announcement in regard.

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