CCP To Cover Granary Storage Problems

Author: FineFood

Editor: Seamoon

A footage exposing the filthy stock in a granary in the Heilungjiang province has sparked extensive concern in the CCP kidnapped China. It was filmed by a client to the China Grain Reserves Corporation who visited the warehouse. 

Apparently, the problematic products were not new to this disappointed buyer. She narrated that she had swallowed for times loads of poor-quality supplies without uttering anything. This time she shot the video to expose the truth. There was a large pile of unattended corn. She approached it and “spooned” some in her hand. The grains were mouldy, which she described as chaff and “alcohol raw materials”. That is to say the ears of corn had degenerated into a toxic state, not suitable for human consumption or herds of livestock. They should only be used for producing alcohol or as fertilizers. She was choked by the pungent smell of the knoll of junk.

The management of the Corporation reacted in July by denying any accusations as to the quality of their goods; they maintained that it matched some national standards. Recently, they further released a statement on their official account on CCP-controlled social media to confess their problem. However, such “problem” was described as the failure to bar visitors from bringing mobile phones into the premises. From now on, they were to ask entrants to leave their gadgets behind. This measure was to avoid another incident of the client’s action of distorting public opinion! 

CCP’s tactic is always to cover up their incompetence and to blame individuals who expose the truth. In their eyes, the “problem” is always the teller of truth. 


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7 months ago


7 months ago

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