Himalayan Farm — Aristocratic Spirit

Author: Tujia Tribe and translated by GM70

The three-year revolution led by Mr. Guo is an awakening of mind, spirit, and soul for the global Chinese. With the establishment of the 6.4 New Federal State of China and the successful establishment of Himalayan farms around the world, China will be profoundly affected and changed in preparation for the future. The rich family and aristocratic spirits that have long disappeared in the land of China will also return there.

Aristocratic family and aristocratic spirits are the spiritual totem of a country and the cornerstone of social stability. They represent the faith, etiquette, glory, dignity, wealth, cultural heritage, social responsibility, and national influence of this country.

Chinese aristocratic groups gradually disappeared during the Qin and Han dynasties, but the literati class and wealthy families emerged. It is precise because of the existence of this class that the inheritance of Chinese culture and the continuation of civilization have been maintained. They have a strong regional influence, so every change of dynasty in history or the entry of foreigners into the Central Plains has actively sought and protected these aristocratic families. With the support of these big clans, the country soon settled down and the regime was consolidated. These wealthy families are spiritual totems in the hearts of the people. They all have a very good family heritage to keep the family prosperous.

The noble chivalry spirit in Europe represents the social status and national responsibility of this class. First of all, as aristocrats, they have a higher cultural education, noble moral sentiment, and cultural spirit. Second, as social elites, they cherish honor, take responsibility, speak up for the weak, charge first, and retreat.  Third, they have a free and noble soul, are not afraid of power to serve, and have a strong sense of social responsibility. The most obvious examples are the Magna Carta movement launched by the British aristocracy (1215), and the December uprising launched by the Russian aristocracy (1905) — both of which are excellent manifestations of the aristocratic spirit.

Since the CCP seized power with the aid of the Communist International 70 years ago, it has launched dozens of political campaigns and bloody massacres, destroying traditional Chinese culture, killing the entire gentry elite, and interrupting the Chinese culture that has been passed down for thousands of years. Since then, China has entered an era of hooliganism. There is no trust between people, intrigues, and competition for power, while the CCP’s rogue and bandit groups are rampant in their privileges, living in poverty and desperate for luxury, economically looting the wealth created by 1.4 billion people, giving ample money to the outside world, and cruelly suppressing it internally. They have no faith, but only their greed for wealth, worship of power, and endless desire and enjoyment. Their existence has lowered the morality of the whole society. The people under their rule only worship money and power. They are spiritually empty and morally low and are fading away from modern civilized society.  

In China under Chinese rule, there is no cultural heritage, no influential family wealthy.

The intellectual elite was interrupted and became a kneeling cynic, and the intellectual elite of the Republic of China lost its character. The ruling CCP is a rogue and robbery group, and the society does not exist as the totem of the people’s spirit. The wealthy people created by the CCP are just a group of wealthy upstarts, a group of walking corpses without spiritual connotations and souls. The 70-year rule of the CCP has turned a nation that is the most industrious, intelligent, and kind in the world into a nation that the world hates.

The establishment of the Himalayan farm is a great innovation. It is a top club that gathers global Chinese elite talents and wealth. It is also a gathering place for comrades who have experienced the baptism of the revolution. In the future, there will also be a comprehensive cultivation base for the return of ideology, spirit, belief, wealth, and traditional culture; as well as the absorption of European humanistic spirit and aristocratic spirit. Here will be the birth of a new generation of Chinese aristocrats and wealthy families of the New Federal State of China.  

They will profoundly change and influence China in the future, and they will also integrate into the Western elite system. The existence of Himalayan farms is also the place where Chinese people all over the world belong. Joining the farm is everyone’s dream. It is also a passport to enter the upper class. It is a gathering place of wealth and a big coffee club that influences the world structure. From their exquisite life, elegant appearance, to the noble temperament deep in their bones, they are all models that people deliberately imitate and learn. This will change China subtly, the state of etiquette will return to the land of China, and the country will also enter a new era in the future!

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