Department of Justice Awards Over $35 Million to Provide Housing to Victims of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery. It tears apart communities, fuels criminal activity, and threatens the national security of the United States.  Under the President Trump’s leadership, the Department of Justice, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) has awarded a grant of more than $350 million to provide safe housing to the victims. The award was announced by Attorney General William Barr and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump in the White House, together with some victims of human trafficking victims. This is part of a series of actions made by the Trump administration combating human trafficking crimes, showing a continuous war between this administration and domestic and overseas evil forces.

“Human traffickers dangle the threat of homelessness over those they have entrapped, playing a ruthless game of psychological manipulation that victims are never in a position to win,” said OJP Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Katharine T. Sullivan.  “These grants will empower survivors on their path to independence and a life of self-sufficiency and hope.”

Read the full DOJ announcement

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8 months ago

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