Police injured a Lawmaker and set free the secret followers

By Ilovejustice

Ted Hui, pro-democracy lawmaker in Hong Kong attempted to stop the car that has followed him for days from leaving the scene, a policeman suddenly tackled him to the ground and injured him while a squad of police was clearing the way for the car the escape.

Local media Cupidnews released the moment when Lawmaker Ted Hui was pinned down to the group by the police. (Source, Cupidnews)

Last night (August 14), Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui had noticed that a car had been followed him for days. He approached the vehicle and tried to figure out who they were. When the police arrived, they told Hui that the people in the car were “journalists”, however, they refused to show their press cards.

Ted Hui was suspicious and noticed that the car was leaving. He decided to stop the car to question the followers by himself. The policeman attacked Hui and let the car leave the scene.

But people on the street were angry with the ridiculous and injustice. They shouted at the car and the police. A team of policemen intimidate the angry crowd and escorted the car to leave.

Hui’s suspicion was proved to be correct. A media footage circulated in social media showed the car had a badge belonging to the Hong Kong government’s Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD).


Hong Kong Police Force cleared the way for the car and scare away the angry citizens. (Source: twitter account TONGSONG)

The citizens also had good reasons to be angry at the police and the government who talk lies after lies. Netizens have found out that the car was brought for a construction project and, therefore, should only be used for the purpose related to the project. The car had nothing to do with journalism.

Some people have also discovered that the people who followed Hui for days might be the same group who followed other democratic activities. Gestapo-like secret police have plagued the city with fear and despair. But, Hongkongers like Hui choose to stand against the Gestapo and expose their conspiracies and lies.

HK Police Force posted a news release early in the morning explaining the situation with excuses, the citizens simply juxtaposed the news with the video footage and pictures of the car. The police’s lies became a morning joke.

But what is happening in Hong Kong is not a joke. Every day, people were followed, intimidated, disappeared or killed by the secret “National Security Force”. For Hong Kong, and also for the world, taking down the tyranny is the only solution.

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ccp must go to hell

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !