Miles Guo : Chairman Xi is in Trouble and the World is Uniting against the CCP.

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama     Seamoon  

On August 13, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV revealing that there had been some attempted small-scale political riots in Beijing and Shanghai and future plans of the world after the CCP is taken down. 

Attempted Political Riots in China

“On August 13th ,my intelligence sources tell me that there were some attempted small-scale political riots in Beijing and Shanghai, which ultimately failed. It really scared Chairman Xi and Vice Chairman Wang Qishan. They were in a cold sweat, expecting some special news at home.

President Xi planned to visit South Korea in the near future. Who knows what major events may happen during his absence? Zhongnaihai, in Beijing, is the most secure place where the CCP top leaders usually work and sleep. Never before, has it become so unsafe for President Xi to remain there, so that he has to change his sleeping quarters every day.”

——— Miles Guo 

Series of actions to be taken by the world  

  • “What we have been pushing for is to contest the legitimacy of the CCP regime in Europe and the United States. This has unanimously gained agreement among different governments. Everyone is talking about that once CCP is illegal, who can replace it. Some governments proposed Taiwan and from what I can tell, this is impossible as most Chinese people cannot accept it. However,I hope the Chinese can accept the legitimacy of the Republic of China and the Chinese organization of New Federal State of China overseas will be supported. The Europeans do not understand the complicated history and situation. If we persist and explain it to them, eventually, they will understand it and finally we can reach an agreement to also support our New Federal State of China, to allow the Chinese to establish a civil government that has a strong legal grounding for the Chinese and the world.”
  • “Many countries have expressed their view that the United States should lead a reorganization of the United Nations after the Nov. Presidential election. There are only two options, to re-establish a new UN or completely reorganize the current UN. Regardless the choice, the first item on the agenda is to kick out the CCP from the United Nations. Also on the agenda, economically, the U.S. will surely decouple from the CCP. Secretary Pompeo’s current Europe visit is to study how to persuade the European allies to decouple from the CCP, collaboratively along with the U.S.”
  • “The West will freeze all of the overseas assets of the CCP in Europe and the United States, including those belonging to the illegitimate children of the CCP national leaders.  The CCP members and leaders will be restricted in their travel overseas.”
  • “The high-ranking members of the CCP will be sent for a trial in court of law. The count down has started for the world’s main powers to stand up and unite to overthrow and destroy the CCP. The world must prepare for the era without the CCP. We need to separate the Chinese from the CCP and we need to form a unified political language and take action together.”
  • The West will provide security and protection for the people of Hong Kong. In the post-CCP era, all the previously signed contracts in Hong Kong will be honored and the world will work together to keep Hong Kong as a bridge between the East and the West.”

——— Miles Guo 

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6 months ago

ccp must go to hell

6 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !


I absolutely agree about the UN idea. Unfortunately the CCP cannot be kicked out. But the UN must be completely overhauled, China must be removed from the UN until the CCP is removed, China must have free and fair democratic elections, and new government be established under the New Federal State of China.   With the CCP still in power, China needs to be removed from the WTO, WHO, World Bank, and all subsidiary committees of the UN including the Human Right Commission which was a ludicrous appointment.   But none of this should be done until the following is… Read more »

6 months ago

Dear Mr. Guo Wengui “Miles Guo”,   My name is Danny Phan, I’d like to allies with The New Federal State of China and my country The Republic State of Vietnam.    I followed up Steve Bannon, Miles Guo, and the War Room Ep everyday.  My purpose to take down Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP), I saw Miles Guo and Steve Bannon try to take down the CCP. I try to get in touch with Steve Bannon and Mile Guo but I was failed because did try many time, I bump up the scammer that try to scammed me and my team that these… Read more »
6 months ago

Destroying the Offshore financial and residential refuge for CCP members is going to force a current strategy re-think for these gangsters.
Thus the subsequent alternate strategy outcomes needs to be identified and shot down as well.
Having nowhere for senoir CCP members to sleep at night is a winning objective for the West and the world