Miles Guo: Our mission to awaken the hearts of the Chinese people.

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama     Seamoon 

On August 15, 2020, Miles Guo joined the broadcast of Marsha, a supporter of the Whistleblower Movement in Russia, and shared his thoughts on the doom of communism, his experience back in the old days and ongoing challenges the world must face together. 

Communism doomed to fail 

“It is not the United States that destroyed the former Soviet Union, but communism itself. The former Soviet Union sent communism to China. The “strength” of CCP controlled China will extract an unimaginably high price from the Chinese people. The trend of communism is gone. According to the current situation, the CCP will not survive this year, or another way to put it, they will not get chance to celebrate the New Year of 2021.

The son of a former Member of the CCP Standing Committee of the Political Bureau called me, asking whether the U.S. will place additional sanctions on Baidu and Alibaba, as he was very anxious to sell their stocks. He confided his heart to me that he had always believed that I am a hero, yet a year ago, he questioned whether the abolition of the CCP was even possible, and today, it is obvious that not only is it possible, but also a popular desire among many Chinese. Meng Wanzhou, the former CFO of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, will definitely be extradited from Canada to the United States, in the near future!”

——— Miles Guo 

Whistleblower Movement 

“The core of the strengths of our Whistleblower Movement is the pursuit of history, truth, and faith. Comprehensive ability and cognition of Chinese and world history are especially important.

Recently, many of our GNews followers and freedom fighters were arrested and persecuted in China. Many more great followers are making sacrifices. Just like before the breakdown of the former Soviet Union, the Chinese are in the period of awakening. The rising conscience, awakening and resistance of the Chinese people have brought all of us together to eliminate the CCP and save China.

The core mission for us is to awaken the hearts of the Chinese people, which is more powerful than that of nuclear weapons. Fulfilling this mission is risky, and you must have a minimum risk tolerance, while at the same time, we must protect our followers as much as possible and take the risks that we can accept.

I had two incredibly unique dreams in my life. One was the night right before I got released from the CCP detention center. In the dream, I saw a white guy with long hair, smiling at me and then disappearing. The other dream is about the same guy in the same scenario, the night before I met Steven Bannon. When I finally met him the next day, I realized that these two dreams, right before new life-changing events, were maybe messages from Heaven.”

——— Miles Guo 

Challenges the world has to face together 

“Let me reiterate that the CCP-virus is a bio-weaponized virus, and a vaccine to prevent it is almost impossible to create. The virus will return and may even accompany us throughout our lives. The second outbreak of the virus is inevitable. The key to its extermination is the full understanding of this CCP-virus.

My prediction is that the global economy will plummet for 2-3 years. Any additional real estate and cars may become a big financial burden to you and the situation will be even more troublesome in urban areas. The world economy is bound to be in a big depression and mankind may have to rely heavily on the Internet.”

——— Miles Guo 

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ccp must go to hell

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take down ccp

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CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !