RTHK Removes Programme From Their Page After Interviewee Was Suspected to Be Wanted on Violation of National Security Law

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) has had a special live show called “the siege of 2020 Legislative Council (#LegCo) postponement”, which has been available in the RTHK website. However, the programme has been removed after a while.

In the response of an inquiry on why the programme was removed from their page, the spokesman of RTHK quoted a source that one of the interviewees, #NathanLaw, is wanted on the violation of National Security Law after broadcasting.

RTHK Programme Staff Union challenged why the management had removed programme from the page before police confirmed and disclosed the wanted notice and criticised their decision of depriving related people of their political rights and contradicting the common law.

The Union also worried that fewer people can have interview in person hereafter and that the #PressFreedom is being eroded.

Source: RTHK

Contributor: GM02

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5 months ago

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6 months ago

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