Sovereign Debt & Deaths of Earliest Chinese Immigrants

In this segment of the 08/15 G-TV livecast, Mr. Guo explained why the he cannot acknowledge the 1.6 trillion worth of sovereign debt as-is. One prerequisite for this to work is for the USA to compensate all the earliest Chinese immigrants who built the roads and infrastructure for the US. A large number of them died from the treacherous working conditions.  

Mr. Guo also urged the US elites to realize the West should shift its focus from “capitalism” to “security-ism” now before it’s too late. Only by taking down the CCP, the virus situation can be reined in and the new normal can be restored. Otherwise, staying alive will be far-fetched; and the 2024 presidential election would be merely a dream.

The NFSC now does not beg anyone’s endorsement. The West and the rest of the world have realized there is no other way out other than forging alliance with the NFSC and taking down the CCP.

Translator:【RD16】 Subtitle:【小螺号】【Naomi (文花开)】  Editor:【GM31】 Transcoding:【小螺号】

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6 months ago

ccp must go to hell

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

6 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP ! 
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !



"For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed." [John 3:20] Aug. 21