HK Court Rejects Challenges on National Security Law, Civilian Detained Since July 1

HK High Court rejected a legal challenge against the constitutionality of the National Security Law that was forcefully enacted by the CCP. The courst also refused the writ of habeas corpus of defendant Tong Ying-kit, who has been detained since 1 July 2020.

Tong is the first man in Hong Kong charged under the law after he was accused of driving with a flag reading “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times”.

Justices Anderson Chow and Alex Lee dismissed arguments that bail conditions imposed under the law violates the presumption of innocence via arbitrary detention.

They also rejected claims by defence lawyers that the law restricts the independence of the judiciary; and that judges cannot be free from government influence just because those responsible for adjudicating national security cases are all appointed by the Chief Executive.

Source: RTHK; Stand News

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5 months ago

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6 months ago

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