CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep 205: U.S. push to deny the CCP regime’s legitimacy.

  1. Banks in mainland China froze debit cards under the pretext of anti-money laundering. Moreover, official media advocated for the compulsory collection of maternity funds, citing Communist China’s development as the reason.  It’s well known that the CCP’s powerful class is the largest money laundering organization. They use Hong Kong as a transfer station and springboard for money laundering, and then transfer assets abroad. Almost all powerful families operate in this way.
  2. In response to the CCP’s call to save food, many areas took measures to curb food wasting. They went so far as to brainwash the people, asking parents to punish children for wasting food. This seems backing to the era of the Cultural Revolution when the people surveilled one another.
  3. Mianyang in Sichuan was also flooded, causing hardship to people’s life. Mianyang was also severely flooded because of the heavy rain. The people suffered immeasurable losses. The government’s rescue is nowhere to be seen. So, what is the use of taxes collected each year?
  4. (Robert Potter, former Australian and U.S. government cyber security contractor) We’re now starting to see (from this database) technologies which had previously been deployed extensively in Xinjiang and Tibet, now being deployed elsewhere within China at a different scale, after we went through the metadata, it became clear that this was a building access management system where people, where state government facial recognition systems were being used to authenticate people’s access to their own homes.
  5. (Miles Guo. August 13) Right now, out of one’s expectation,  I heard the U.S.’ push to deny the CCP regime’s legitimacy has gained unanimous agreement in Europe. Then everyone wondered, if the U.S. deems the CCP regime illegitimate, which regime would be legitimate (to represent the Chinese people)?
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6 months ago

ccp virus make people to die, take down ccp

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take down ccp

6 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !