News interpretation:What exactly did PRC President, JingPing Xi(the Chief Accelerator), do for the AnHui flood zone?

Image: provided by Wentou

The headline article on the front page of the mainland portal “Today’s Headline” on August 22 was “Streaming + getting full of love and support from Xi Jinping’s Anhui trip, showing concerns.”

First of all, pictures that came along with the reports show no signs of the flood; inspection leaders and inspected personnel were all freshly dressed, and the background site looks unspotted. If it is not accompanied by words, saying that it’s a drought relief condolence will not raise any doubts.

Second of all, the whole article didn’t mention any statistics for the disaster victims. Except using words “Firmly establish…solid progressing…hope…continue…” for the Chinese Communist Party. With mostly official nonsense, the rest is just compliments for the president Xi.

Now let’s take a look at some highest “heart-warming” indication from the leading accelerator.

1. “To implement the 10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River, relevant work must be put into place so that the majority of fishermen are willing to go ashore, able to go ashore, stabilize and become wealthy afterward.”

Image: Screenshot of the Chinese Communist Party’s Today’s Headline

Comment: Before it was Overfishing, but when it became a vicious cycle, they had to implement a Fishing ban. What’s more, the Fishing ban holds up to 10 years. It gets us nothing but wondering: how, in this kind of economy recession circumstances, can these fishermen survive going ashore. “Letting fishermen go ashore” – obviously indicating that most of the fishermen are not willing to do that. Because fishing is their only way to make a living, how will they feed themselves going ashore? Let’s not even mention becoming wealthy afterward. The Chinese Communist Party always focuses on making visions; however, Chinese people are never considerate for realistically.

2. “We have got to seize the major opportunity to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and promote the integrated development of the upper triangle… to enhance market competitiveness. Model workers are the Republic’s heroes, and we must vigorously promote the spirit of those model workers. “

Image: Screenshot of the Chinese Communist Party’s Today’s Headline

Comment: The proposal to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises has been advocated for over ten years and is still being advocated, meaning it has never been achieved. Or it has never reached what was anticipated. The proposal itself is kind of self-deceiving. Everyone knows that the profit of state-owned enterprises depends on its monopoly and constant supplies from the state. The Hope of having a complete depending parasite to win a game without relying on anyone is exceptionally idiotic.

“Model workers are the heroes of the Republic” – a word that explains public ownership mystery. Under the private institution, your labor income belongs to yourself. Under the public institution, however, your labor income belongs to the state. After all, workers are nothing but the cheap slaves to the “State.” Now that the country (interest group) doesn’t have enough budget, it has begun to use this so-called glory illusory to fool the slaves’ selfless dedication.

3. “You, the people, are my families. You are also families to this nation, the heroes of our hearts. There are always heroes like this coming forward every time our nation goes under crisis…”

Image: Screenshot of the Chinese Communist Party’s Today’s Headline

Comment: Haha, how touching…but hold in your tears, “You, the people, are my families…” did they think about us when they have hundred billions of cash sitting in their bank in Switzerland?  Do we get to smell the savor of the State Banquet? Their kids get to go to pricey Ivy Leads, can we get that? They get free 7-stars senior executive ward while sick, can we get some benefits for our healthcare?

They only think about us when it comes to dedication or working hard. To get what the CCP wants, they use the word “families” to lure us working for them – the people who have a hard time surviving day today. Our apologies, we can’t afford it! Why do our kids get to suffer when it comes to natural disasters. And your kids get to shout patriotism in luxury cars. If it’s for the sake of patriotism, why do we get to pay the price extremely high?

Dear readers, including the WuMao, Fenhong. Isn’t it time to think about that? What the leading accelerator brought to console is the food for the spirit, or is the food for poison?


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take down ccp

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