DOJ Indictment Series: unveil CCP’s top-secret #94 Document (part 1)

On Aug 25, 2020, Lude Show continues with the DOJ-Indictment series to disclose the Chinese Communist Party’s top-secret No. 94 Document.

The indictment by the US Department of Justice is a validation of the Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo with a far-reaching impact to reshape the world and our future.

Background information about the DOJ-Indictment

Working with the FBI, Chinese dissident Miles Guo has been a high profile whistleblower for three years to expose the CCP’s evil doings while serving as a “bait” for both the CCP and its colluders around the world.

In order for the Chinese people to take down the CCP completely, it is necessary to destroy the “eco-system” which sustains the CCP in the US. Without draining the swamp, any attempts to challenge the CCP will be met with devastating consequences, which is evident in The Indictment.

The Indictment is a turning point for the global fight against the CCP. The Whistleblower Movement, a populism movement attracting at least 100 million grassroots Chinese around the world, has become an internationally recognized representation of the Chinese people to replace the CCP until a new government is established.

Who created the # 94 Document

Ling Jihua

Ling Jihua is one of the principal political advisers of former Chinese leader Hu Jintao. During his tenure as chief of the General Office of the Communist Party of China between 2007 and 2012, his team had been painstakingly compiling the CCP’s top secrets, recording CCP leaders’ personal scandals, and collecting DNA maps of the CCP offsprings around the world including Xi Jinping’s numerous illegitimate children.

Ling Jihua’s son Ling Gu was killed in a mysterious car crash in March 2012. There were two young girls in his car during the crash.

Ling Jihua’s brother Ling Wancheng took the #94 document to the US after Ling Jihua’s son was murdered in an infamous car crash in 2012, a prelude to an internal purging which eventually led to Bo Xilai‘s downfall and Xi Jinping’s rise-to-power as a puppet emperor for the Shanghai Gang (led by Jiang Zeming).

Ling Jihua, associated with a political alliance called Communist Youth League, was charged with corruption and sentenced to life imprisonment by its political rivals Xi Jinping (the Beijing Gang) and Wang Qishan (the Shanghai Gang controlled by Jiang Zeming).

Format of the # 94 Document

The # 94 document comes in three formats: video, audit, and in writing.

Lude Show obtained a version in writing, but he promised to show the video version in the future episodes.

Miles Guo used a parable to compare Ling Wancheng and himself in terms of the information they disclose. If Miles Guo is like an atomic bomb, Ling Wancheng is like a factory of the atomic bombs. Ling Wanchen’s brother had tremendous power and always sent him a backup copy of the CCP’s top secrets.

Why did Ling Wancheng wait till now to disclose the # 94 Document?

Ling Wancheng sought political asylum in the US in 2012, but the CCP has been trying to extradite him.

The content the # 94 Document is too outlandish for the general public to comprehend or believe, so it cannot be disclosed without the ‘seal-of-approval” provided by the DOJ indictment.

The timing of the disclosure is also critical, unleashed as the fatal blows to the CCP during its last days.

Mr. Lude said that many Chinese kleptocrats’ families are lining up on his show to disclose CCP’s evil-doings and threats to the world as a result of the DOJ Indictment.

What is in the # 94 Document?

Lude Show provides an overview of the #94 Document:

(1) CCP’s war plan against the US and the West

The CCP’s plan to destroy the West is too evil for human beings to imagine.

(2) CCP’s treasure map of CCP’s sovereign wealth fund

The wealth accumulated by the CCP since its early days, such as

  • the gold mined over the decades,
  • all the treasures and the land deeds since the Qing Dynasty
  • cash and a DNA map for identifying the ‘rightful owner’
  • oversea hidden wealth. The CCP has been secretly sending wealth oversea since the 1920s, because they never expected to last very long. For example, the CCP has substantial investment in Hong Kong.
  • all the treasures robbed from the Chinese people during the land reforms after 1949.

(3) Infiltration to destroy the West

Use marriage, collusion, and 3F-plan (to weaken, devastate, and destroy the US) to establish family-relationship with Wall Street and other rich and powerful families in the world.

(4) Core secrets

Scandals of the Chinese and foreign politicians before and after their retirements.

Lude Show with English Translation

To be continued Lude Show will provide more information about the #94 Document in the future episodes

Please click the link below to learn more about the DOJ Indictment:

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