August 27, Financial News: South China Sea forced demolition begins, Chinese concept stocks bend

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1. The US Department of Commerce has included 24 Chinese companies in the list of entities participating in the militarization of South China Sea islands and reefs. The demolition of the South China Sea has begun.

2. The US regulator requires an audit to avoid delisting. China requires dialogue with the US on this issue.

3. The Australian Federal Government will legislate to completely interrupt the cooperation agreement between the Australian Victorian Government and the Chinese Communist Party on the Belt and Road Initiative.

4. Air New Zealand will suffer further losses as the CCP virus epidemic continues. Air New Zealand has been among the best in the global aviation industry for many years. Now it faces a loss of NZ$454 million after tax for the first time in 18 years.

5. In the United States, 8 of the 55 experts in charge of the CCP virus treatment research belong to Gilead, the manufacturer of Remdesivir. So what role does Geely play in this hydroxychloroquine battle?

6. Xiaopeng Motors was listed in New York today. Whether it can withstand the review of the US Securities Regulatory Commission and whether it can hold is a question.

7. Fed board members analyzed the huge negative impact of the CCP virus on the economy and banking industry.

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6 months ago

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6 months ago

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