Aug 28-29 NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstration in Toronto and Vancouver

By Himalaya Farm Canada 文锦

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After participating in the New Federal State of China Global Anti-CCP Demonstration on July 27, 2020, hundreds of us gathered again on August 28, 2020, in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto. On August 28 and 29, 2020, we protested in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver.

We are brave people with firm beliefs, exposing the evil of the Chinese Communist Party, spreading the truth about the pandemic and building the image of the New Federal State of China to the public.

In Front of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto Demonstration.

Comrade Lao Jiang stated:

Since the usurpation of power by the Chinese Communist Party, hundreds of millions of people from all over China have been oppressed and killed by this evil regime for generations. From the Three-anti and Five-anti Campaigns, to the Cultural Revolution, the Great Chinese Famine, then to the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, organ harvesting, Xinjiang detention camps, Hong Kong… countless people have been brutalized and even killed by the tyrannical regime. The Consulate General knows that the CCP virus, a biochemical weapon released by the Wuhan military laboratory, has infected at least 30 million people and killed more than 700,000, killing civilians indiscriminately and plunging human civilization into its darkest hour. This is all done by the CCP in order to cover up its weak economy, its dying regime, and its evil and unimaginable band of thieves. Will you be immune to this epidemic, accomplices of the Consulate General? Do you dare to go to restaurants and supermarkets? Can your children take off their masks to attend school and feel safe to play and hug with others?

The Whistleblower Movement, following its heavenly mission, stands before you to say NO to the evil CCP!!!! We do not recognize these unelected, illegal terrorists, a cult group to controlling China. The Chinese people do not need you; the world does not need you! You have fooled the world with lies and violence, infiltrated Western politicians, interfered with the politics of other countries and undermined their democracy! You can cover it up for a while, but now the wrath of God and people will wipe you out!

Chinese all over the world are increasingly seeing the CCP for what it is, the evil CCP, you hear the angry cries of the people! Communists, your lies will be exposed and you will be judged for your evil deeds! Communist Party does not equal Chinese! People all over the world are increasingly seeing that it is the Chinese Communist Party that is attempting to tie the entire Chinese people firmly to its chariot and to drag more than a billion people down to hell with it.

Whistleblower Movement, the citizens of the New Federal State of China and the anti-CCP forces of the world will unite to expose the evil and conspiracy of the CCP.  G-news and GTV report daily on the ugliness of the CCP and the Kleptocracy families at the expense of our blood, sweat, organs, human rights, rule of law, freedom and even our lives! You eat people’s flesh, drink people’s blood, and harvest people’s organs to save your lives!

Evil CCP, we stand before you today and vow to fight to the end! Never give up!

Canadian Maple Leaf comrade said: Many years later if my children asked me, “Where were you then, Dad?”  I’ll say,” I was right there! There were many who cried for your freedom!”

Demonstration in Front of the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver,Wen Zi comrade read a heartfelt letter to the camera at the Consulate General and spoke out to our compatriots who are still in the CCP. Many of the 90 million Chinese Communist Party members joined the Party just for a good job and a good life, not many of them believe the CCP doctrine. The New Federal State of China is the righteous choice of the Chinese people to turn to the righteousness from the dark side, to have a better life and a future full of hope in a country of freedom, democracy and rule of law.

A comrade participated in the NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstration for the second time after attending the OSC 3-day protest from August 25 to 27. She felt that comrades overcame their fears this time and had more experience, were more confident, and full of energy. Although we left early in the morning and returned home late at night, we did not feel exhausted because we were determined to do our best to destroy the CCP within this generation and not to allow them to oppress our children and grandchildren again. I hope that more comrades will come forward and be the straw that will crush the CCP.

Double Fish comrade mentioned that in the past she did not care about politics in China and was afraid of being shot at, but now she is brave enough to come forward because she is inspired by other comrades. Taking the first step is not so scary, and more comrades are welcome to join us and stand with justice and world civilization.

The youngest soldier, who was only ten years old, came with his family. He said God is watching over us and I’m not afraid. It is unacceptable that the CCP is destroying Hong Kong and releasing CCP virus that will harm all of humanity.

In addition to exposing the various crimes of the CCP, NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstration also hopes to awaken the conscience of more people to stop ignoring and tolerating the CCP.

Please speak out! Spread the truth!

Action! Action! Action! Take Down the CCP!

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[…] Aug 28-29 NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstration in Toronto and Vancouver […]


[…] Aug 28-29 NFSC Global Anti-CCP Demonstration in Toronto and Vancouver […]

6 months ago

CCP Lied,CCP Virus,Americans Died.Take down CCP !
The New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !
Action ! Action ! Action !

灭共52165 新中国联邦

take down ccp

6 months ago

CCP is a devil .
CCP is a thief .
CCP is a liar .
CCP is a murderer .
CCP is a agent of Satan .
CCP is hurting people .
CCP is destroying democracy .
CCP is demolishing human civilization .
CCP is spawnning virus .
CCP is breaking our freedom .
CCP is breaking our life style .
CCP is standing against with people .
We have never appointed CCP as our agent .
We don’t believe CCP.
Let’s take down CCP !