Food Crisis Approaching The Land of Heaven’s Bounty

Author: 369 – Himalaya Farm Canada Finance and Current Affairs Workgroup
Translator: Gordon Sims

The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the three provinces in Northeast China, and the Sichuan Basin are the main agricultural production areas in China. The heavy rainfall in southern China and the release of floods from the dams have swamped large areas of farmlands in Sichuan province, as well as the middle and lower Yangtze River. As a result of this, food production decreased significantly. Let’s take a look at the food stability in regions not yet threatened by flooding.

Distribution of rice growing areas

The few food production and export counties in Sichuan province haven’t been affected by flooding; however, signs of food shortages have emerged.
The author had stocked up aged rice at home. On September 5th, he decided to purchase some new rice at the food supply store in town since it was the time new rice hit the market. However, he was informed by the store owner that no supply of new rice would be available until a month later.

The owner also shared with the author about people purchasing rice in bulk. A lot of customers had been buying hundreds of kilograms of rice to stock up at home in the past month. One customer purchased 750 kilograms in one order last week. The owner delivered the rice, so he could confirm it was a personal order. The owner has also received numerous queries regarding supplies of new rice.

As the author talked with the store owner, a customer in his 60s approached him and said, “Young man, do you know the famine year is coming? You should stock up food as it will be in short supply soon.”

Food shortages is one of the hottest topics lately, so the owner’s wheat and rice business skyrocketed. In the past two weeks, the price of the cheapest aged rice has increased from 4.6 RMB/kg to 5.4 RMB/kg. Spike of rice prices is expected as the demand decreases in the near future. People have been stocking up.

The author purchased more aged rice without hesitation. He believed the likelihood of new rice hitting the market this year is extremely low as the Chinese Communist Party is likely to collect rice from farmers by force. One month of waiting is too long at this crucial time. Stock up aged rice when it is still available. Aged rice is better than no rice.

Deal brothers and sisters, stop hesitation and start stocking up rice! We don’t have much time left! Take action now!

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