(47)Hunter HardDriveGate: Secret Meeting With Ye Jianming in New York

By: Gravitationalwave 引力波

Quote: The emails from Hunter’s Hard Drive, “Project Time”

This email was written on May 1, 2017. It was written by Zhao Runlong from the office of Huaxin Energy to James Gilliar (Hunter’s assistant). The content of the email was about arranging Ye Jianming’s plan to meet Hunter in New York sometime on May 5-6.

The “Project Time” intelligence report on the Biden family corruption intelligence investigation mentioned:
In 2017 (should be around the beginning of the year), Hunter Biden privately met Ye Jianming, the chairman of China Huaxin Energy (“Huaxin” or “CEFC”) in a hotel in Miami. The purpose of this meeting was to use Hunter Biden’s contacts in the United States to “help Ye Jianming’s company Huaxin Energy to find investment opportunities.” Afterwards, Hunter received a bribe from Ye Jianming for a 2.8 carat diamond.

After this meeting, there was the acquisition of the US investment bank COWEN by CEFC by Ye Jianming in March 2017. The details of this acquisition also appeared in the email from Biden’s hard drive. It shows that Ye Jianming used the Biden family’s contacts to infiltrate financial companies in the United States.

And this May email is to arrange a meeting between Ye and Hunter and his Biden family in New York. A reasonable analysis should be due to the initial success of the acquisition of COWEN, so they are ready to further in-depth cooperation and transfer of benefits. This is also a secret talk before the establishment of SINOHAWK.

The following is the full text of the message:

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