Email shows Hunter Biden received bribery from China

On Decembe 5, 2017, Eric Schwerin, President of Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, wrote an email reminding Hunter Biden about an email by ‘Xin’ that ‘Jonathan’ is loaning money to the company’s US shareholders so that “they can repay the remaining amount of their registered capital” and that “the loan will be paid back from any distribution made”.

‘Xin’ is referring to Wang Xin, who is a management partner of BHR Equity Investment Fund Management that is part of Bohai Capital. Wang is also exposed by Lude Media as the illegitimate daughter of the Vice President of China, Wang Qishan.

This email is clearing referring to a loan agreement that was exposed on and The document exposed is a multiple party agreement between Xiangsheng Li (original lender), Xin Wang (new lender), and Robert Hunter Biden, Eric D. Schwerin and Hunter Biden’s law firm Skaneateles LLC as joint borrowers.

It seems that the ‘Jonathan’ in Schwerin’s email is referring to Xiangsheng Li, CEO of Bohai Capital.

Eric Schwerin also mentioned in his email that the loan agreement was Hunter Biden’s suggestion to “avoid having to come up with more cash”.

It is clear that this is a bribery of Hunter Biden by the Chinese Communist Party, which controlled all state-owned enterprises in China including Bohai Capital, whereby Hunter is gifted registered capital (shares) of Bohai Capital.

Email by Eric Schwerin to Hunter Biden

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