Open response to Echo Hui, reporter of ABC Australia

Dear Ms Hui,

Thank you for your interest in The New Federal State of China and Himalaya Australia. Please accept my apologies for not being able to meet your very tight deadline.

As you might be aware, Himalaya Australia, together with our many affiliated organisations worldwide, have been very busy in the past week with our campaign of revealing the “BGY” corruption by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) towards the Biden family. Given your shared interest in investigative journalism on grassroots democracy, I would strongly urge you to visit GTV and GNews, the pre-eminent sources for the Truth regarding the evil nature of the CCP dictatorship and its assault on the democratic world order. From there, you will get a refreshing perspective of the impact of free and unhindered journalism, different from traditional media that you might be accustomed to. You will also gain an understanding of the purpose of the New Federal State of China and Himalaya Australia.

I had the opportunity of reviewing your article published 1 Nov 2020 on ABC news. Regretfully, it contains many outdated and disproved information, as well as outright disinformation. Once again, I apologise for not being able to furnish you with the latest first-hand information in time for your publication.

In your article, you mentioned that the source and substance of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop could not be verified. Although this was the initial disinformation paddled by many left-leaning “mainstream” media and social media companies as they tried to serve their political agenda, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Department of Justice have since came out to publicly verify the authenticity of the laptop and its contents. Given the fact that they have the authoritative say on this matter, I am rather surprised that you have not picked this up in your research for your article. You may have also not realised that Jack Dorsey of Twitter have publicly apologised for the selective censoring of New York Post twitter account for reporting on the Biden/CCP scandal. We are proud of the tireless efforts of our members in disseminating such important information, and although rushed, the timing could not be better; the American people and the world need to know the truth of the presidential candidates before the US elections. As always, the sole purpose of publishing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop is to tell the truth to the public and uncover the influence of CCP in undermining the democracies around the world, a passion that investigative journalists like yourself would share.

With regards to John Pan, he has never been part of the New Federal State of China. Like millions of other people worldwide, John was an early supporter of the WhistleBlowers’ Movement, led by Miles Guo. However, during his visit to the Himalaya Embassy in New York in 2019, under the pretence of assisting with the IT setup of the Embassy, he was caught red handed in his attempts to steal the source code for GTV and Gnews. Miles as well as the members of the WhistleBlowers’ Movement have since dissociated from John as it became clear that he did not share our values. Although both John and Zhuang were in contact with Miles as they had publicly expressed their support for Miles Guo on their YouTube channels, they have never been “core members” of the WhistleBlowers’ Movement as claimed by them. You only need to refer to Miles’ YouTube videos around that time to realise this. It is unsurprising that they have claimed special access to someone as popular and influential as Miles Guo to boost their YouTube channel popularity. This fact has been reported by yourself in the article.

The October 8 protest outside John’s house was an attempt to let the local community understand the financial fraud that John committed when he falsely collected donations from unknowing public under the pretence of helping the Hong Kong protesters, which he later denied doing so. He has also lied to the Australia government about his HuaWei affiliations before coming to Australia.

The peaceful protest was carried out in accordance with local laws and regulations and had been in consultation with a legal counsel all along to maintain a lawful protest. In rebuttal to your report that John was shaking with fright at the incident, you only need to go to his YouTube channel OzMedia to find him gleefully boasting on his broadcast that he sprayed the peaceful protesters with some unidentified fluid. If there was any “shaking”, he was certainly shaking with joy. If you manage to watch most of his videos and get past all the disgruntled rants, you will very quickly realise that he is much more of a perpetrator than a victim. I would recommend an established journalist like yourself to exercise full due diligence when publishing statements by your sources as you would no doubt come across dishonoured people like John Pan who would tell any lies to serve his own purpose.

Our information on COVID-19 has been based on the first-hand information by Dr Limeng Yan, a prominent virologist from the WHO P3 Lab in HongKong. In this unique position, Dr Yan was involved in the specialised field of coronavirus research, and had served as a liaison between the Chinese CDC and WHO during the start of the outbreak. The damning evidence that Dr Yan possesses of the COVID coverup between the CCP and WHO as well as the lab-modified nature of the virus is overwhelming. On the other hand, many accounts of the virus and the disease by WHO, government authorities and research institutions have been largely based on official reports by the CCP which any qualified journalist would know is dubious at best. Other “credible” sources like the widely-cited, peer-reviewed Mehra study from The Lancet, were forced to be retracted due to questionable data and possible academic fraud. Yet more peer-reviewed articles base their entire scientific arguments on the CCP fabricated fictitious RaTG-13 virus. In another ABC news article on 9 Oct 2020, the authors showed bias by quoting Dr Edward Holmes without mentioning any of his many affiliations with the CCP and Beijing CDC.

To date, many studies and researchers have come out in support of the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and had also questioned the origins of the virus. Sadly, due to academic and political bias, these voices have been suppressed.

The SARS-COV-2 is a novel virus unlike anything the world has seen. It behaves rather differently from all known existing viruses. It would not be prudent for anyone to dismiss any alternative explanations to the virus so early, given our ignorance of it as a human race. After all, it took Galileo and Copernicus to disprove the then-prevailing theory that the Earth was not the centre of the universe and for Einstein to dispute the widely accepted Newton’s theory of gravity. Despite scientific proof, these great scientists were ridiculed initially. For more scientific explanations of Dr Yan’s theories of the virus, I would strongly recommend her two scientific journals on Zenodo.

As an investigative journalist with a Chinese background, I am certain that you have deep understanding of the atrocities of the CCP, such as the Tiananmen Massacre, the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong members and the ethnic cleansing of Uighur Muslims and Tibetans to name a few. It is the responsibility of every Chinese to stand up to the CCP. The New Federal State of China and Himalaya Australia will not apologise in spreading the inconvenient truths. We will not stop until the CCP is taken down and the world is spared from its evil. After all, we are the WhistleBlowers’ Movement.

In the interest of transparency, please note that this reply will be posted publicly on our GTV Getter. Should you wish to have a further interview with Himalaya Australia, I would like to invite you to conduct it through our live channel on GTV. Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

An Hong

Himalaya Australia

Email from Echo Hui to An Hong

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