Exclusive! Biden Family Members All in the Board of BBF

The Beau Biden Foundation (BBF) was established in 2016 as a non-profit foundation to commemorate Joe Biden’s dead elder son Beau Biden. The purpose of that foundation is to focus on family violence and child abuse. As Beau Biden said before his death, ‘as adults, we have a legal and moral obligation to stand up and speak out for children who are being abused’.

From the below disclosed emails regarding the board meeting, the board chairman and main directors of the foundation are all from the Biden family. Among them, Hallie Biden ,who being Beau Biden’s widow, and Hunter Biden ,Beau Biden’s younger brother, serve as the Co-board chairmen of the foundation. Additionally Ashley Biden, Beau Biden’s sister, and Valerie Biden ,Joe Biden’s sister , are appointed as directors of the foundation.

After the outbreak of Hunter Biden’s hard drive, a large number of pictures of Hunter Biden taking drugs, child abuse and having sex with under age girls were revealed. Such a well-dressed beast acts as the chairman of the charity foundation during the day to speak out for child abuse, however at night, he does conscientious and illegal things. This is so ridiculous and sad. The ridiculous thing is that a bad guy like Hunter Biden can pretend to be a philanthropist. The sad thing is that Hunter Biden has done so many illegal things , but he has not yet been punished by law.

There is an old Chinese saying that there is a god who raises one’s head three feet up. Hunter Biden’s dehumanizing criminal acts will surely be punished by God. President Trump, as the chosen person, will certainly help American personnel to drain the swamp.

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