Rudy Giuliani’s Exclusive Exposé of the Bidens’ Crimes

Author: Shi Bu Ke Dang; Proof read: TCC/Cow; Page: gongzu

Episode 1. In this clip, Mr. Giuliani said that the ‘swamp’ forces in the United States try their best to censor and cover up the Biden family’s criminal news. Communist China grabs and takes advantage of the evidence of the Biden family’s crimes, which is a huge threat to U.S. national security. Every time when Joe Biden’s diplomatic negotiation for the US failed, the Biden family got lots of money/assets.

Episode 2. This clip shows Biden’s involvement with both Iraq and Ukraine. Mr. Giuliani pointed out that while Joe Biden was responsible for Iraq’s foreign affairs, his brother, James Biden, cut in directly and took part in Iraq’s real estate business. One-third of the $1.5 billion housing contract was given to the Biden family. Furthermore, Hunter Biden received $14 million from a Ukrainian company called Burisma, part of which was used to bribe Joe Biden. Joe Biden was fully aware of Burisma and has been lying about that for seven years.

Episode 3.How deep is the swamp? Mr. Giuliani reported in this clip that the Biden family’s criminal activities should be a federal crime at the highest level. In November or October 2019, the Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York has already received parts of the Biden family’s criminal evidence but chosen not to investigate it. Additionally, Mr. Giuliani provided the evidence to the U.S. State Department in March 2020, but it was also ignored. Finally, Hunter’s core hard drive was handed over to the FBI, but the FBI didn’t investigate, either.

Episode 4.In this clip, Mr. Giuliani showed us that Communist China, Russia, or other friendly governments should have a copy of these criminal photos of Hunter Biden and the evidence of the Obama Administration’s cover-ups. Why has the Obama Administration never stopped the Biden family from raking in money among diplomatic negotiations? How many lies did Joe Biden fabricate to deceive the American public? Mr. Giuliani also emphasized that the ‘hatred for Trump’ hurts most for those people full of hate, and the hatred drowns the conscience of people.

Episode 5. Money laundering? Mr. Giuliani indicated in this clip that Hunter Biden took a $4 million bribe- from the widow of former mayor of Moscow, who wire-transferred it in 11 payments to the Rosemont Seneca Thornton (RST) company. This company was established by several crime families as defined by the RICO Act. Shockingly, the remittance was transferred to BAC Tech USA, a company co-owned by unidentified Chinese Communist partners.

Episode 6. This clip displayed that the CEFC, Chinese Energy Fund Company and the Chinese partner of the BHR, involves three Chinese Communist Party operatives: Jianming Ye, Patrick Ho, and Gongwen Dong. The agreement between CEFC and the Biden family indicated that the CCP pays the Biden family $10 million per year for 3 years as introductory consulting fees and 50% equity of Hudson West III. Besides, the CCP entered into a separate Attorney Engagement Letter with Hunter and paid $1 million to Hunter Biden himself, not the law firm.

Episode 7. In the last clip, Mr. Giuliani told that in addition to three CCP operatives, the agreement with CEFC involves numerous members of the Biden family, and 10% of the equity distribution agreement was held by Hunter Biden on behalf of the ‘Big Guy’. Lots of information and evidence reveals that the Big Guy receiving 10% equity is Joe Biden. According to Mr. Giuliani, an anonymous source will testify publicly and has turned over the testimony to the FBI. This turned out to be Mr. Bobulinkski, a navy veteran and a business partner of Hunter’s.

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