Summary /or Highlights of the Mr. Mask Show( 11/04/2020)

Editor/Translator: Wen Y. Wen

Proofreading: Mr. Snail

In addition to the fact that the media bribed by CCP will cover up the truth, Wall Street, with the announcement of the results of the election, the financial market began to stand up to Trump.

American policy determines the direction of American development. The United States lead the way to the world’s development. Various statistics show that the outcome of President Trump’s victory of election is beyond doubt.

CCP Media Global Times said that the United States may continue to suffer a period of chaos. Antifa has been already eagerly gathered around Washington. CCP knew it that the election results were unfavorable, and started a campaign similar to the “Cultural Revolution” in the United States. CCP wants to try to reverse (defeat) or postpone the results of the general election by hooligans and coups way

From some intelligence inside the CCP, it can be seen that the Democratic Party and those people kidnapped by the Democratic Party know it that they will be sent to the prison after President Trump’s being elected. These forces will surely use all rogue methods to evade from sanctions.

CCP related news that RMB diving at a critical moment of the general election; Ant Group IPO emergency brakes; The contest of political forces hides behind these absurdities , let us wait and see what will happen next.

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