Breaking the news the ultimate battle of the revolution series 12: After the ballot scandal was exposed, Twitter blocked many of Trump’s tweets within 24 hours and turned a blind eye to Biden’s inappropriate comments

On November 4, Eastern Time, after a fierce competition in the US presidential election, President Trump won by a landslide. In this context, Biden and other US sellers used a series of counterfeit methods to prevent President Trump from being re-elected in order to cover up his crimes and continue to sell US national interests to the CCP to enslave the people of the United States and the world.

So Twitter chose to continue running naked to cooperate with Biden, the US seller. Twitter previously blocked the account of the heroic scientist Dr. Limeng Yan for no reason, trying to prevent Dr. Yan’s report on “the CCP’s over-restricted biological weapons” from being public, and cooperate with the forces behind to continue to cover up the truth about the virus. Twitter even used the “advantages” of the American system to ban President Trump’s tweets; it banned media reports, including the New York Post, about the crimes of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Twitter has blocked a number of tweets from President Trump in less than 24 hours from November 5th, some of which are as follows:

  1. Any vote after the election will not be counted;
  2. We will legally challenge voter fraud and state election fraud in all recent states claimed by Biden. A lot of evidence-just check the media. We will win! America first
  3. Stop fraud
  4. I can easily win the presidency of the United States by voting by law. Observers are not allowed to work in any form or form. Therefore, it must be determined that the votes accepted during this period are illegal votes. The US Supreme Court should make a ruling;

Twitter chose to condone and ignore Biden’s inappropriate remarks against President Trump. Part of the content is as follows:

  1. Trump will appear in court to prevent votes count. We have carried out the largest election protection work in history to fight back and need your help. Insert to ensure that each vote is calculated:
  2. Let me be clear: I was a proud Democrat when I campaigned, but I will govern as the President of the United States;

Social media such as Twitter uses institutional advantages to cooperate with the CCP to infiltrate the United States, and will surely be tried and sanctioned by the American people. Because of what he has done has treated the American people as pigs and dogs, and cooperated with the CCP in trying to enslave the United States and the world. Biden’s claim that he is the president of the United States is purely idiotic. No one will choose a traitor, criminal, or thief to be the president of the United States, because this will be a disaster for the United States and the world.

After the hard disk door and ballot fraud evidence is made public, and the judicial process is completed, Biden’s name will become a shame to the Democratic Party. People with justice and conscience need to draw a clear line between Biden as soon as possible. The Democratic Party has been despised by the American people for at least ten years, because Biden’s election for the US president is essentially an insult to the American people. Biden and the forces behind it have made large-scale voting frauds and undermined American democracy and freedom. System, the Statue of Liberty was desecrated.

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We Are America
6 months ago

Voter Fraud Updates And Other Things Going On Right Now God Help Us Please!!

We Are America
6 months ago

TRUMP STING Operation Has Been Ongoing For Months Dems Are Caught