Re-count or re-vote the entire 2020 presidential election!

Author:Brain Sanitizer, Jessica

What a ridiculous result of the mainstream media general election! The American people voluntarily petitioned the White House for a vote recount which started on November 7th, and is now in full swing! In less than two days, over a million people signed the White House petition, demanding that the votes be recounted or the entire election be cancelled! As of the publish date of this article, more than 2 million people have signed it! The theme of the event is

Re-count or re-vote the entire 2020 presidential election!

The website petition states as follows: In the recent elections, we witnessed the greatest injustice against American voters. Our goal is to re-state the entire election or re-vote, and better monitor how votes are received and counted. Voters in the United States of America are tired of the media’s misrepresentation of elections. We believe that this recent election will be resolved peacefully and honestly when all is said and done. We believe that certain states have taken unconstitutional actions and avoided transparency regarding where the votes came from and how they were handled. Many voters were also mistreated, having their legal right to vote taken away which is a complete violation of the 26th amendment. Various voters were told by local authorities that their ballots were already filled out; someone else had already done it. We also require that before 100% of the votes have been received, counted, and verified, no media may report on a candidate’s progress. We require all local, state, and federal election activities to comply with this rule.

The past few days, in light of election fraud, the American people have really been unable to restrain their inner anger, anxiety, and frustration. Yesterday’s large-scale protests against election fraud in the United States, followed by a series of judicial appeals by members of the Trump administration precede more people beginning to take their own actions. There are various ways to maintain the fairness of an election! Public opinion is awakened and thieves of freedom and fairness cannot escape! Don’t insult the IQ of the American people! Biden is so eager to announce his election victory, but who will rightfully win the election? Who will come out on top when the votes are legal and fair? The public’s accountability for fraud in the election is far from over!

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