CCP’s Response to Secretary Pompeo’s Reagan Institute Speech – “Most Vicious Attack Yet! Pompeo’s Final Madness Against China” by Global Times

On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, Secretary Pompeo delivered a virtual speech at the Reagan Institute in Washington DC, calling the CCP the “the world’s number-one threat to freedom today”.[1] The very next day, on the 11th, an article, entitled “The Most Vicious Attack Yet! Pompeo’s Final Madness Against China”[2] was published in the Global Times (环球时报),[3] and posted at the Sina News Center,[4] one of the largest online news outlets in Communist China (claimed to have over 100 million registered users worldwide).


Sina News

November 11, 2020 23:55 by Global Times

The Most Vicious Attack Yet! Pompeo’s Final Madness Against China

Editor in Chief: Liu Guangbo

Pompeo delivered a speech at the Reagan Institute in Washington DC on Tuesday, threatening that the US government is “not over yet” on tough issues against China. According to US media reports, he used the most vicious language, calling the CCP a “Marxist-Leninist monster” and describing China’s system as “autocratic and barbaric.” This ideological maniac who is about to lose his job as secretary of state seems by using his last resources to discredit China and regards anti-China as the most distinguished of his tenure. 

Pompeo admitted in his speech on Tuesday that his attitude towards China was formed during his time served as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director. It fits with a kind of judgment: he has been his job as the US Secretary of State with a CIA director mindset. As we all know, in most countries, the diplomatic agency should be the place that should be inclusive and open-minded. Thus, such a department could achieve a certain tranquility with other countries. Pompeo has destabilized this balance. He made the US State Department more aggressive than the CIA and more active on the forefront of confrontation.

Pompeo tampered with the principle and foundation of diplomacy. He has offended and humiliated the diplomatic professionals with his own bad example. If we are talking about the “lone wolf strategy”, Pompeo deserves the “First Wolf Warrior” title in the global diplomacy. What he is doing now is just his very last effort in pushing his agenda before someone else takes over. The more rampant his screams are, the more like wailing they sound.

Pompeo is so obsessed with being an enemy of China that he has created a hostile situation between China and the United States. According to his description of China, the two countries, China and the United States, should have already been decoupled by now. Furthermore, military forces of the two countries should be vigilant and ready for a war. However, Sino-US relations are still in an overly complex situation. While guarding against each other, the two countries continue to maintain the world’s largest bilateral trade volume and share many mutual interests that should not be neglected.  

Ultimately, Pompeo is a loser. He is a ruling elite who “hates China the most” in the United States. He makes a false description of China and his policies are too extreme to be followed. Even though Pompeo is bluffing right now, his intentions will be exposed. 

For example, he is solely responsible for threatening nearly 50 countries and 170 telecommunication companies to join the “clean network” led by the United States. But these countries and companies are all half-hearted on this issue. These are the many factors that will make Pompeo’s initiative his nightmare.  

Pompeo threatened that China’s current political system will end soon, but his statement sounds more like his political will. However, we want to tell him that a socialist political system is centered on the interests of the people, so it will last as long as the people’s aspirations for a better life. China has already exhausted and took care of many Chinese dissidents who went to the United States. Pompeo will share the same fate. 

Having said that, we want to remind the alt-right elites in the United States that it is their own country that is likely to have a “change of color”. The racist political law of “white supremacy” is about to end, and the connotation and direction of “democracy” will change inevitably. However, these occurrences have nothing to do with China. The changes in the US demographic structure will continue to accelerate, and the existing value system and interest structure of the United States will undergo chronic subversion.

If Pompeo lives longer than the average American, he will see the United States passing the tipping point where whites will no longer be the majority of the population in the next two decades and witness various socio-reconstruction caused by this change in the United States. That will be the real political challenge for the United States. Therefore, the United States should take care of itself. Confronting China won’t allow the United States to have a smooth political transition and redemption. This article is a “Global Times” editorial; the original title is: “The editorial: Pompeo’s final madness to solidify the US-China confrontation”.






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The CCP’s fear is a dead giveaway.


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“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 Nov. 13