Graphic: Million MAGA March peaceful protesters attacked by rioters

On Saturday, November, 14th, 2020, Washington, DC, the Million MAGA March was held to support and encourage President Trump and demonstrate their calling for an end of election fraud.

However, numerous assaults happened, from far left rioters (such as Antifa) on peaceful Trump supporters. I have downloaded those videos to prevent Twitter taking them down.

Antifa and BLM hit, threw eggs and unknown liquids at Trump Supporters walking through BLM Plaza. From Drew Hernandez @livesmattershow (

Trump supporters are being denied from BLM Plaza and harassed by black bloc members. This woman had her hat taken, her flag repeatedly ripped away (eventually it was stolen) and later her hair was pulled as people in the crowd followed them away from the plaza. From Shelby Talcott @ShelbyTalcott (

Fight breaks out on BLM Plaza between a family supporting Trump and pro-BLM supporters. DC police are trying to calm the situation and separate groups. Children are crying and very scared. (

A Trump supporter is pushed to the ground and robbed while not being allowed to walk out of BLM Plaza as antifa and BLM surround him. From eric thomas @justericthomas. (

Same incident by another witness. From Craig Dillon @craigtdillon (

BLM & Antifa attack a family (also shown in video b). From Kimona @KimonaQ (

Antifa and BLM rob and vandalize a black man’s MAGA merch pop up shop. From Drew Hernandez @livesmattershow (

Black female Trump supporter is chased out of a restaurant and assaulted by BLM and Antifa. From Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News @BBergquam (

A man in a mask wearing a “Press” label lights MAGA gear on fire in Freedom Plaza. From Phillip Nieto @nieto_phillip (

Brutal assault by a violent armed group who was later arrested for assault and illegal weapon (firearms and concealed knives) charges. From Kalen From Scriberr @FromKalen (

Antifa and BLM physically assault a Trump Supporter by macing him and beating him over the head with a flag pole. From Drew Hernandez @livesmattershow (

A man was physically assaulted in front of Union Station. His face is bloodied from the physical assault. From Drew Hernandez @livesmattershow (

A protester rushes up and punches a Trump supporter from behind as they chase her away from BLM Plaza. From Brendan Gutenschwager @BGOnTheScene (

For those who still use Twitter, follow @livesmattershow; @MrAndyNgo; @stillgray and so on for more millionMAGAmarch related violence.

Author: River|Himalaya Scholar

Editor: XO酱

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5 months ago

Our Trump people need to learn better self defense tactics. these leftists are the brown shirts of the Biden camp.

5 months ago

Find truth on &
please go verify yourself!!!


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