The Truth Of Virus (5)——A whistleblower Li-meng Yan from a W.H.O reference laboratory in Hong Kong on WAR ROOM interview “ The CCP virus is terrible and they are pushing of the nature origin theory to mislead the public.” And Dr. Yan’s second report endorsed by the top experts of the US government

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Jack: When you actually speak to the professionals, what kind of responses do you feel like you get?

Dr. Yan: You mean the ones I contacted in the U.S., right? 

Jack: Yes.

Dr. Yan: So I can say that I contacted to the top scientists in FBI and he talked with me for hours. And then he had no question, he basically …Before I reveal the things, he seems doesn’t know the RaTG13 was fabricated, because he prepared a lot and showed me the paper, and I told him why it’s fabricated. And there are some other researchers they also agree with my things when we were talking and then they said I am the one that confirmed their ideas. And also they thought RaTG-13 is a fabricated one that does not exist. And also for some top experts I met in the US government actually I can say When I showed them the two reports at that time they are convinced, so when they finished reading they realized that the thing is very terrible and there are a lot of efforts behind from China Communist Party and also the WHO and all these paper-reviewed journals with top experts to try to make people believe this virus is from nature as it from bat caves or from somewhere else.

(The university of Hong Kong is already under the control of CCP. The CCP suppresses Dr. Yan to make her silenced but allow Prof. Malik Peiris disappearing )

Dr.Malik Peiris 

Jack:  How does it make you feel like ? For example that article form yesterday in the Daily Mail which was largely complimentary , but the thing that bothers me in each of these articles when they contact Hong Kong University and they say “ Oh, what can you tell us about Dr. Yan” ? (Hong Kong University answered) “Oh, we barely knew her, I think she worked at the photocopier” They are ver…it’s almost as if you never worked there. I mean how do you feel about that? Just a tell on how they’re just so frightened of the CCP. 

Dr. Yan: Actually… I mean the lab in Hong Kong , although you may feel it’s the independent international lab based in Hong Kong. And since years ago it’s already under the control of the Chinese Communist Party and their response is very typical “Chinese Communist’s way”. And they won’t admit it, because I’m the one who reveal the truth and they are the ones that tried to even kill me, make me silence. So they put a very hilarious statement that I didn’t engage in researching human-to-human transmission in late December 2019 to January 2020. And my claim of the … my family got the harm from the government is not scientific. But ask them why Prof. Malik Peiris who made millions of dollars in Hong Kong just ran away back to Sri Lanka and kept silent since I escaped. And ask “what their responses are in the scientific way point to point to my report”? And ask them “why those very famous ones just judge my paper as non-peer reviewed or it is related to the Rule of Law Foundation? “ Although it’s the foundation which saved my life.

Jack: Well, is Dr. Malik Peiris, is he in the West now or is he still in Hong Kong? 

Dr. Yan: I believe he is in Sri Lanka. He immediately retired (after I left Hong Kong).

Jack: He’s retired but why hasn’t some enterprising reporter gone down the Sri Lanka and asked him if he actually went to Wuhan in January. And if he’s an employee of the World Health Organization, you would think that they themselves would have some sort of public records. This is what bothers me so much, Dr. Yan. You bring these bombshells to the table. And we can’t find anybody to diffuse them, we can’t find anybody to take a look at them, who is …should be in a position of responsibility. So like so many other things. We’ve got to thank you for just coming forward because it’s going to rest on the shoulders of the Lao bai xing(common people) and the deplorables of the planet earth to get to the bottom of this. Because clearly, it’s going to take efforts on the part of individuals, brave individuals just like yourself.

Jack:Could you tell us what next steps what do we need to do as Planet Earth to make sure that this is not to occur again?

Dr. Yan: So the first thing is I can make an example. This COCID-19 thing is like when there is a leakage, water leakage in your home. And now you are looking for drugs and vaccine is like you are talking about whether mop or heater can help you make the house dry. Or, maybe you thought it comes from nature that means you want to change the broken drain pipe. But no, if you go back to see this ,all the thing is wrong. The thing is your neighbor deliberately tries to spill water from any possible space into your home, maybe from your door, from your window, from your roof. And also this neighbor they definitely have more, other solutions. Maybe it’s oil or maybe other solutions and …So do you think in this way, just talking about which mop or which kind of heater can help your home dry is useful ? All you should do is to go back to see why this neighbor do this and what other kind of things they can release to your home and the harmful effort behind it. That’s why I said the fist thing you want.

Jack: Dr. Yan, we are out and what she’s trying to say is our neighbor is China and they are pushing disease into our country through various methods and we have to find out how they’re dong it and why, and we’ll get that by going to the lab at Wuhan.

Reference : G-Translators



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ccp released the virus



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