Summary of Trump Campaign Lawyers Press Conference Nov 19, 2020

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Voter Fraud

  1. Mainly two types of voter frauds in this election: ballot fraud and voting machine counting fraud
  2. Main types of ballot frauds:
    a. Back-dated mail-in ballots
    b. Repeated counting of the same ballot
    c. Fraudulent ballots: ID/signature fraud, illegitimate voters, counting and curing invalid ballots favoring Biden, forged ballots in large numbers, voting on behalf of unaware voters
    d. Over voting as high as 300% in some places, i.e. more people voted than registered voters
    e. Truck loads of ballots for Biden came in at mid night after most poll watchers lefts
  3. Voting machine fraud:
    a. Voting software Smartmatic is designed for fraud
    b. Dominion voting machines use Smartmatic
    c. Other voting machines in US also uses the source code of Smartmatic which is unknown to many people
    d. Texas State rejected Dominion machines, but unbeknownst to them, used voting machines which use fraudulent Smartmatic source code
    e. US votes were sent to Germany and Spain to be counted, open to hacking and data manipulation
    f. “One of Dominion highest level employees/officers went to Detroit to watch in person in real time and decide which file folder to put those votes into, that’s why you see massive spikes after you were told all the votes are in and counted” (Sidney Powell)
    g. Fraudulent software flipped votes from Trump to Biden, if Trump did not have such a large winning, the fraud may never be discovered. They had to shut down the voting machine as Trump’s winning was too large, they had to ship in truck loads of forged ballots
    h. “186,000 votes come in at once all for Joe Biden that’s like flipping a coin 186,000 times it lands on the head” (Sidney Powell)
  4. “I can prove to you Trump won Pennsylvania by 300,000 votes, and he won Michigan by probably 50,000 votes” (Rudy Giuliani)
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Force Involved the Fraud

  1. “This is the consummate foreign interference in our election in the most criminal way you can possibly imagine” (Sidney Powell)
  2. “Massive Influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and likely China in the interference of our elections here in US” (Sidney Powell)
  3. “Dominion voting system, Smartmatic Software and software in other computerized voting systems here as well are created in Venezuela at the directions of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election”. Maduro and Communist China (Sequoia Company) are also involved (Sidney Powell)
  4. Dominion office in Toronto were shared with one of the Soros entities. Leader of Dominion project overall is Lord Malloc-Brown, Mr. Soros’ No. 2 person in UK.
  5. Dominion leadership is also tied to the Clinton Foundation and other known politician in US (Sidney Powell)
  6. “Voter fraud is election official fraud” (Jenna Ellis)
  7. Voting frauds happened in mainly democrats-dominant places. “They pick places where Democrats are in control and judge would dismiss the case and the sheriff would refuse to execute the court orders” (Rudy Giuliani)
  8. Democrats change the rules if they don’t like the rules, even at the last minute.

Evidences and Affidavits

  1. Hundred of sworn affidavits are in hands of the Trump legal team, 8 affiants’ identifies are disclosed to the public, the rest are not due to the fear of threats and personal harms from the bad guys
  2. Many dominion employees have reached the Trump legal team to tell the truth
  3. “I can smell crimes and I can prove to you in 18 different ways” (Rudy Giuliani)
  4. “Those are serious federal offences that will be pursued” (Sidney Powell)
  5. “The hardware data server got seized in Germany is true… not sure whether the good guys got it or the bad guy got it” (Sidney Powell)
    Media’s Outrageous Iron Censorship
  6. “Serious matter of national security…If this is not a headline tomorrow then you don’t know what a headline is” (Rudy Giuliani)
  7. Trump’s lawyer held the conference to “go around the outrageous iron censorship of the media and get facts to the American people” (Rudy Giuliani)
  8. “We are here is to do your job because you (media) do not do it” (Rudy Giuliani)
  9. “Media is trying to delegitimize the (election fraud) case” (Jenna Ellis)
  10. “Unless you fake News… sworn an oath to be unbiased, then your opinion does not matter” (Jenna Ellis)
  11. “We are a nation of rules, not a nation of rulers. There is not someone that just gets to pick who the next president is outside the will of the American people” (Jenna Ellis)

Significance of the Election Fraud

24.A “Serious matter of national security” (Rudy Giuliani)

25. “it is a massive attack on the integrity of the voting system in the greatest democracy on earth, people who did this have committed the worst crime that I have ever seen” (Rudy Giuliani)

26.“This is a plan not just by a few Democrats”. “This is a national conspiracy, not an accident” (Rudy Giuliani)

27.“Corruption … we have no idea how many Republican or Democratic candidate in any state across the country pay to have the system rigged to work for take control and make one heck of a lot of money off it” (Sidney Powell)

28. “The big tech and the big media are almost as dangerous as the election fraud” (Rudy Giuliani)

29. FBI does nothing about the fraud. “Maybe we need a new agency to protect us” (Rudy Giuliani)

Lawsuits Going Forward

  1. “An elite strike force team that is working on behalf of the president and the campaign to make sure that our constitution is protected”. (Jenna Ellis)
  2. “We had an electoral breakdown”, but the provisions in constitution explain how to fix it. (Jenna Ellis)
  3. “Our objective is to preserve and protect election integrity. President Trump has been saying from day one that this is about maintaining free and fair elections in this country. It is not about overturning an outcome. It is about making sure that election integrity is preserved” (Jenna Ellis)
  4. Trump lawyers have asked the court for the injunctions to hold the certification off the false election results
  5. Only three lawsuits so far from Trump legal team, it takes times to go through the legal process
  6. Some lawyers from Trump lawsuits have dropped out due to the personal threats received.
  7. “This should never happen again we should use paper ballots and counts we can always see” and only use US companies (Sidney Powell)


TRUMP Campaign Lawyers Hold Press Conference 11/19/20

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