Mar-a-Lago Is Where the CCP Wants to Attack the Most

In the live broadcast on November 19, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo once again emphasized that the US general election now is an election between Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan of China and President Trump of the United States. The CCP top officials are in preparation for the upcoming “Ultimate War” with the US. The origin of the Dominion software, is the Founder Group, of which he is the second-largest shareholder. Miles believes that President Trump will 100% be reelected, he still needs to put his safety first.


That’s why Miles was the first one who dared to say this in the world: The 2020 US presidential election is an election between President Trump of the US and Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan of China. And it is not about Biden or the Democratic Party. We have nothing against the Democratic Party, instead, we have many Democrat friends. It’s all because we have intelligence and we knew the CCP’s internal plans to manipulate, influence, and fabricate (the election). 

I heard… I said last time that the reason the CCP hasn’t call Biden to congratulate him  was because it didn’t dare to. It doesn’t want to throw the helve after the hatchet too early. It’s not that stupid yet. It knows that it still has a chance. Western media, the so-called silent power of the country, and the power of the swamp will help them win; they are very confident about it. (Xi) himself also knows that the Whistleblower Movement will come forward to offset his so-called power of the silence. 

However, it will be different after my live broadcast today. I believe the CCP, Zhongnan Pit will officially send a congratulations message to Biden. Why? Because it knows that Biden really can’t win. It also knows that the US has taken hold of the evidences of their fraud and manipulation. 

Remember that the software (Dominion) was originated from Founder Technology of Founder Group of Peking University, of which Miles Guo is the second largest shareholder. Founder Technology is the originator and ancestor of the Dominion software. Besides, Founder Technology owns everything about the Chinese character source code, including typesetting, China’s Chinese character layout and source code all belong to Founder Technology. No kidding. That is the “International Security Plan 784”. The long-term development, national strategy, national security, and national defense of the country are called the core components of the “315 National Defense Plan.” It is the core intelligence force of the CCP and the core backbone of its national defense, including missile launches, documents transfers, and top-secret documents issued by the General Office of the CCP Central Committee. All is based on the technology of Founder Technology. So, if you type in a foreign country, or use Microsoft on a mobile phone, if you keep typing “Take Down the CCP” or insulting Chinese leaders, five out of ten times, even nine out of then times the words won’t show up. As long as your texts contain Chinese characters,  The CCP can control all of them, all over the world. It controls everything about you just like the 5G technology.

Therefore, after the Dominion’s technology was exposed, the CCP knew that it would be the “Ultimate War” between the US and itself. So that’s why some brothers-in-arms in China said that Xi Jinping held a meeting yesterday and once again reiterated internally that it would be the “Ultimate War” between China and the US. At all costs, make Biden win; at all costs, make Trump disappear.

What I just said is just a shot in the dark. I couldn’t sleep last night so I just made some wild guesses. In this case, it (CCP) will be more… I know them too well. Instead, he (Xi) would call Biden to support him, because his plan was exposed anyway. “I (Xi) will still support you (Biden), so you can keep fighting for me, right? “ “Just fight for me again, like Mike Waller.” The CCP knows that the Waller brothers will lose one day, so it has squeezed their value, and they have no way back now. 

It’s like offering the dying people some quick-acting and heart-saving medicine for terminal lucidity. Every CCP leader has it. What’s it called? Terminal lucidity pill? Or terminal lucidity injection? The infection given to you when you’re dying so that you could  have a few hours to make some final arrangements regarding the illegitimate children, hidden money, and valuable calligraphy and paintings. Just like Yao Yilin. Just like when he died, right? After he died they discovered that he had a house outside, where more than a thousand calligraphy and paintings were found. As a result, the calligraphy and paintings were stolen by thieves. But the thieves didn’t take all of them away and left a bit there. What a powerful man Yao Yilin was at that time. This was what Wang Qishan said, not me. He had to come clean with what he had when he’s dying, so he needed an injection. Yao Yilin was lingering there for more than a day. 

So (Xi) will definitely try to call Biden, and to congratulate him on winning. Even the five (four) countries of Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan have to follow suit. Otherwise, it won’t be the CCP style, right? Nor the “four self-confidence”, right?

So the “comicality and absurdity (Hua-Ji)” of the US presidential election haven’t been fully revealed yet. The “Hua”(comicality) has, but the “Ji”(absurdity) not yet. It’s absurd. Now its “Hua”(comicality) has been shown, but “Ji” (absurdity) means it is against ethics, against people’s common sense and logic, and it is crazy, as when it will be revealed. The absurdity, or worse than that, was the negative result from decisions made in panic and fluster escape. The absurdity is yet to be revealed. 

So brothers and sisters, think about it, anything can happen before January 20th. Trump will definitely win, while the only thing I worry about is his safety. I heard that more than one hundred people in the Secret Service were infected with the CCP-Virus. How can it be so coincidental? I believe that President Trump will not go back to Mar-a-Lago to celebrate Thanksgiving. How can he go back? So many people were infected with the CCP-Virus, then who will protect him when he goes back? The place that the CCP wants to attack the most is Mar-a-Lago. Therefore, I really hope President Trump will not go back to Mar-a-Lago, because the CCP has sent too many secret agents there. It has bought way too many people there, and it’ll be too easy for them to do anything. So his safety comes first!

Transcription:【重生】Translator:【Winston Jackson】 Proofreader:【GM80】Subtitles:【Naomi (文花开) 】 Video Transcoding:【恒久忍耐】Editor:【GM80】

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5 months ago

so, since Miles Guo is the second largest shareholder of Founder Technology that is used for Dominion, does that mean he can testify about its’ essential importance to the CCP?

We Are America
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