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Attorney Lin Wood fires back at Breitbart’s report on his “sabotage” of Republicans

Author: LeeWen

On his twitter today @LLinWood: “I am not Democrat. I am not Republican. I am an American Patriot who believes it is essential to our freedom that @realDonaldTrump victory be recognized fraud in voting system be fixed. “

Attorney Lin Wood fires back at Breitbart, which reported on its website’s homepage that he was trying to “sabotage” Republicans in Georgia, starting the lines with ” “Georgia-based attorney Lin Wood is getting lots of attention for urging supporters of President Donald Trump to break with the president and not vote for GOP Sens. David Perdue (R-GA) and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in the upcoming January 5 runoff elections.”

1. Breitbart is dishonest. Historically, I am nonpartisan. This year, I was partisan because I [email protected]

I donated $375K to Trump [email protected] solicited a $25K donation & I gave it to him. I gave $5,600 [email protected] & hosted a fundraiser for him.

2. I estimate that I have given WINRED $10K+ this year. I have donated several thousand dollars to other Republican candidates & $150K to conservative PAC for congressional candidates.

3. I gave $5,000 at a fundraiser in [email protected] spoke. That is all I can remember at the moment. How did Briebart miss these facts? Guess some people do not want the fraud in GA election to be discovered. I did not donate [email protected]

His tweets continues “Oh no!!! I thought Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, & Herman Cain were Republicans! Did they all lie to me or [email protected] lying to you? You choose. Choose wisely.”

At a rally on Wednesday in Georgia, Wood, who has joined President Trump legal team as a strong ally, spoke to huge crowd of supporters with thunderous passion and courage: “We’re gonna send a message…It’s 1776 America again, and you are not gonna take our freedom, we will fight for our liberty. We are gonna send a message from Wills Park today and send it all the way to Beijing China, we will NOT gonna let you take our country over, never will happen under our watch! This is AMERICA! You pick the fight for the wrong people!”  

Lin Wood, who successfully represented teen Nicholas Sandmann in a defamation lawsuit against Washington Post and CNN, is fighting to protect the Constitution, fighting to stop Democrats and media to steal the election. In this historical moment, we all, the free-loving ones, must fight till to win this battle, a battle between evil and good, a battle between truth and lie! Lin Wood, you are a REAL patriot, a TRUE fighter, a LION LIN WOOD!


Records: Lin Wood Has for Decades Voted for, Donated to Democrats Including Barack Obama and David Perdue’s 2014 Opponent (breitbart.com)


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