Miles’s Urgent Appeal: Beware of Another Ferocious Attack of the CCP Virus!

On December 1st GTV Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo urged his brothers and sisters-in-arms in both Mainland China and abroad to beware of another ferocious attack of the CCP virus and to protect themselves and their families carefully. Mr. Guo once again mentioned that the virus has never been under control in Communist China! Hundreds of times more people died in Wuhan than you know. 

He also disclosed that the CCP police seized 70 tons of food stored at home by a brother-in-arms for no reason. The economy in China is bad now, which can no longer be covered up by the CCP government. The next couple of weeks there will be thunderbolts of punitive measures directed at the CCP! Brothers-in-arms must hold on, watch out for the virus, wear masks and pay attention to the hygiene of hands!

“Dear brothers-in-arms, have you been working out? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis? Brothers and sisters, during my live broadcast yesterday,  our brothers-in-arms were all bored and wanted to listen to me talking about porns. 

I’ll tell you again, dear brothers and sisters and all my compatriots in China, that the virus has never been under control in China! It was just going up or down a little. You saw that CNN, the fake media, is now saying,  “There are a hundred times more people dead in China than they’ve claimed, now they have to listen to us.”

Brothers and sisters, one year ago, only Miles Guo dared to say in front of the camera that the number of deaths in Wuhan was a hundred times more than you knew! And I’ll say it again, the number is hundreds of times more than you know! Brothers and sisters, don’t let it happen to you or your families, okay?

Now, we have brothers-in-arms who went to buy grain a couple of days ago. He stored 70 tons of grain in his house, and all of a sudden, the police came and seized the grain for no reason, and told him to wait for further notice. We have brothers-in-arms, who stored some grain in Western [China], but the cops somehow found it and seized it for no reason! And threatened him, “If you dare to appeal or go to the court, you will be screwed!” The police gave you a receipt, stating how many cubic meters of what kind of grain. You tell me how rogue it is! Some brothers-in-arms told me that they suddenly found that the buns from the canteen where they ate were two sizes smaller. 

My brothers-in-arms, why should it cost blood every time to prove the power of the WM and to prove what the WM says is the truth? You’ve all been following the WM for three years. And, brothers-in-arms, this virus, I’ll say it again. For one thing, you must take hydroxychloroquine legally as long as you’re sick, and take hydroxychloroquine as directed by your doctor. Second, always wear a mask, and the key is your hands’ [hygiene]. Try to avoid going out at you best. Living is more important than anything else, okay? Brothers and sisters.

The state of China’s economy can no longer be covered up; it was always a fake economy like a dildo. Sometimes the dildo can get out of control. As time goes by, it will be finely grounded, like peanuts, and then the dildo will become peanuts.

Brothers and sisters, if you can escape, then escape; if you can’t escape, then stay alive and await the birth and arrival of a new China without the CCP.

On December 1, you will see that a barrage of punitive actions directed at the CCP in the next couple of weeks! Brothers-in-arms, haven’t you believed this for three years? What can you do if you don’t believe it? I don’t want your money, just do as you’re told and stay alive, okay? To many brothers-in-arms, again, I really can’t reply to all of you.

So every time I’m on live broadcast, I’ll particularly reply to certain BIAs’ messages,

and I’ll be back on live broadcast at some other time, okay? To those brothers-in-arms who don’t have time, don’t watch it, go watch porn or go watch those [YouTubers] who tell history. We are just telling the truth, we give our lives and precious time to spread the truth to our brothers-in-arms, to our compatriots, and to our brothers and sisters of the Whistleblower Movement. It’s our duty, our belief, and our obligation! If you believe, you believe; if you don’t believe, don’t believe. We don’t ask anyone to believe.

But our brothers-in-arms, I, brother Seven, beg you to hold on and be careful about the virus! Let’s see what will happen today, let’s see what will happen tomorrow, and let’s see what will happen by Friday. Everything is just beginning, many thanks!”

Translator:【班仔】Proofreader:【Isaiah4031】Subtitle:【Naomi (文花开)】Transcript:【小螺号】Video transcoding:【恒久忍耐】

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5 months ago

how do I contact miles guo?


Himalaya Rose Garden Team

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 Dec. 04